27 December 2011

R200 for a wrong flag design?

People should honestly know better. Not only is this iPhone cover more expensive (at R200) than the rest (at R80) but it's got our beloved flag back to front!!

You're basically paying R200 to someone else to reward them for being stupid and you're also advertising to the (intelligent) rest of the world that you can't tell your left from your right and you're as stupid as the people that make this. In fact, if you own one, you're even more stupid than the designers because they've got your money for it and you're the one showing off how you were ripped off.

Dealify is dead ... Merry Christmas!

I kind of always knew this was inevitable but for some reason it still makes me a little bit sad. Dealify - one of the social buying sites and arguably the most innovative in terms of being the only one to advertise on TV - is dead. That's right. Dealify is dealifud.

I suspect there are more reasons than I can discuss here but one of the failings is possibly the fact that Dealify was the only one to venture out to mainstream media. Not really sure if it cost them too much to advertise or if it opened up people's eyes to the concept (and their competitors) but it's a pity because Dealify tried to break the mould.

Here's their site's explanation:

This is the end...

It's official, Dealify is closed!

Now, if you've bought a coupon recently don't panic, they're still valid
and our lovely client service lass is still working (very hard) to make
sure your experience with us remains a good one.

And if you're a merchant with concerns about payment, don't be! We promise
to make sure you're paid, after all we're backed by Naspers who's been
around for over 80 years.

If you're a customer and have any queries, questions or comments please
don't hesitate to get in touch on 0861 332 5439 or info@dealify.com

If you're a merchant and have any queries about payment please contact

From all of us at Dealify we'd like to thank YOU for being part of the
Dealify family.

We wish you the happiest holidays and a prosperous New Year.

Much love,

The D Team.

19 December 2011

11 December 2011

Google sounding the death of BlackBerry or sounding a declaration of war?

Google recently announced that it won't support the GMail app for
BlackBerry any more. The app isn't even available for download any
more either, it's just gone!

Their argument is that they will now focus on the web based interface instead.

Somehow, I don't really buy it. I mean, they also recently pulled the
Apple app for GMail too, so I'm suspecting this is more an
Android-growing tactic. In either case, it's very sad news for
BlackBerry users and also very confusing: why not leave the app in
place until this new web interface is live?

05 December 2011

BlackOps: Google Sync adding entries to BBM Groups instead of default calendar fix

If you are experiencing a problem with your Google Sync and the BB Calendar where everything is being added to the BBM Groups calendar, I can help.

This was first experienced for me on my BlackBerry Torch 9800 with OS6 and the source of the problem is a conflict between Google Sync and BBM. The quickfix is to uninstall BBM and then reset your calendar sync and then reinstall BBM.

Here are the steps in detail:

  1. Backup your BBM contacts etc. and then remove BBM. In OS6 go to Options --> Device --> Application Management --> BlackBerry Messenger --> Delete
    1. Note: some users experienced difficulties deleting BlackBerry Messenger; in such cases first try to install the latest version available from the BlackBerry App World and then delete it from there; for some reason the default "core" installation bundled with the OS isn't removable.
  2. Consult http://brattex.blogspot.com/2011/05/blackops-that-google-calendar-syncing.html for initial steps and for methods to backup your calendar. You can skip the steps on deleting service books (i.e. do not do steps 3 and 5) but follow the rest.
  3. After you've run Google Sync and verified that it's all in your default calendar ... reinstall BBM.
I would be really interested to know if this solution worked for you so please feel free to leave a comment below or give this a thumbs up, +1, like, etc.

22 November 2011

Stop the Secrecy Bill today!

I just tried phoning Deputy President Mr. Motlanthe to voice my objections to the Secrecy Bill that is being pushed through Parliament today. After a very long wait on the phone (call it persistent), a gentleman answered and told me to email my comments through.

In order to assist everyone else in airing their same concerns, here are the email addresses to consider sending an email to, starting with the infobill one first...
  • infobill@parliament.gov.za
And then also ...
  • idavidson@parliament.gov.za
  • gmagwanishe@parliament.gov.za
  • mmotshekga@parliament.gov.za
  • nntwanambi@parliament.gov.za
  • vcalvert@parliament.gov.za
Here's the gist from Avaaz.org so you're armed with a thorough argument, as well as the message that I sent through:

18 November 2011

Picasa and Picasa Web Albums - Free unlimited storage

I've been on a quest for a long time now to find the best site to backup all of my digital pictures and videos. I thought I had found the answer in Snapfish but a friend of mine pointed out that they charge you to re-download your photo's at their original resolution. No good!

I'm not on Facebook (and can't really comment on their photo storage options but I think pictures are resized) but am quite an avid fan of Google. Picasa Web Albums was limited to 1GB of storage so it wasn't really an option for me either but I've since learned that Picasa now offers a form of unlimited storage for photo's (and more importantly, videos).

In summary, files under a certain size don't count towards your 1GB storage limit and videos up to 15 minutes won't either. If you reach your quota, all future uploads are resized to fit within the free resolution requirements.

17 November 2011

Sending an e-mail to Twitter, receiving Twitter to e-mail

I can get lazy sometimes, and if there's one thing I can guarantee it's that my email account will always be open and readily available. I can't always say the same for my Twitter account. That's because I'm lazy.

I've found a way to overcome my laziness with an e-mail to Twitter solution that allows me to tweet from the comfort of my mailbox.

TwitterMail (@TwitterMail or https://twitter.com/#!/TwitterMail)

TwitterMail allows you to send an email to a specific Twittermail email (for example, abc123@twittermail.com) which then tweets it to your associated Twitter account. Better yet, you can also receive tweets sent to your username (@twittername) via email.

The problem is privacy. For TwitterMail to work you need to share your twitter account with them. For some people, this may be a problem. For others (like me), it's not such a big deal because it's not like a rogue Twitter thief would be able to do much with my Twitter account anyway!

For a bit of piece of mind, it uses The Visitor Widget to authenticate on http://twittercounter.com/pages/twittermail without sharing your Twitter password (which allows the application to read tweets from your timeline, see who you follow, follow new people, update your profile, and post tweets for you; it will not be able to access your direct messages or see your Twitter password). You can also revoke access at any time by going to your Applications tab of your Settings page - good enough?

Additional features of TwitterMail include:

In Your Arms - Kina Grannis

Fan of stop motion?

Ever tried to create a stop motion video yourself?

If you have, then you'll appreciate the immense labour of love that this music video is.

22 months.
1,357 hours.
30 people.
2 ladders.
1 camera.
288,000 jelly beans.

Hotprints is going!!

It sometimes feels like things that are too good to be true just really are too good to be true, and in terms of a free online photobook printing service, poor Hotprints couldn't keep out of reach of the cold icy deathgrip of economic reality, even though they gave a good (two year long) fight.

I only discovered Hotprints a few weeks ago and have already ordered a test sample to see just how good they are for their 'free' pricetag. I'm still waiting in anticipation to see what my photobook looks like if / when it arrives.

The model was simple: you pay $4 for international shipping and get an advertising leaflet in the photobook to subsidise the cost of the prints.

Alas, I had hoped to reveal this modern wonder to the world with an in-depth review of a tangible product but now it seems this venture is pointless. Hotprints closes down at the end of the month, so if you want to try them out you have until end of Friday 18 November to place an order.

Sad. So very sad. It was a great concept and unfortunately just not a sustainable model, it seems.

Give them a try if you want ... You've got one day left.

11 November 2011

In less than an hour ...

The time, date, and so on will read as follows:

11/11/11 11:11:11

(2011/11/11 at 11h11m11s)

That really won't happen again except in 12 hours' time so you have this momentous occasion and only for a second. Enjoy it. Remember where you are and what you were doing when that second passed you by.

10 November 2011

Get your free copy of Eish Magazine - Online!

Durban's one and only lifestyle magazine for the hot, smart and trendy hits the streets now...

Read about...

> The musical resurrection of Durban's local band Habit To
> We take a trip to Hawaii for the ultimate surf experience with surf photographer, Ryan Janssens.
> SA Fashion Week's business of fashion, read about how it all went down in Sandton.
> Some inside information for the guys...How to get a girl?
> Want to succeed as a freelance photographer? Andrew Brauteseth is that guy with a camera...
> People watching at Follow you Art and Interpret Durban... inside this issue of Eish.

For trends, fashion, lifestyle and how society gets high on life!

Get your complimentary issue NOW!

Facebook : Eish Magazine

Twitter : eish_mag



07 November 2011

Playlist Central - Free music streaming for South Africa on cellphone or PC

[ UPDATE 2011-11-07: 
Under the "more" button at the top you can generate a random playlist from 5 to 50 songs from 'any' genre and year. There is also support for cellphone streaming and ... interestingly ... uploading songs?

UPDATE 2011-12-05:
I noticed a few weeks ago that this site was no longer accessible and now when you go there it says "account suspended" so I guess it's back to the old drawing board, or www.grooveshark.com for your music fix :)


When I was in the U.S.A. I was overwhelmingly convinced that Pandora music service would be the next big thing to hit the world of internet music streaming. When I returned to South Africa I was heartbroken to discover that it's limited to U.S.A. and I would never be able to partake of the juicy goodness that lies in Pandora outside of the States.

Almost two years later, a poor substitute has surfaced in South Africa called Playlist Central which boasts (at time of post) more than 76GB of 64Kbps MP3 music (that adds up to more than 1200 artists, 2900 albums, almost forty thousand songs, or in other language - one thousand two hundred hours [forty nine days of non-stop music]) that is free-to-play online.

Some may argue that forty thousand free-to-play songs online for South Africans isn't a poor substitute but clearly those 'some' haven't tried out Pandora! Since this post isn't about Pandora I won't do a comparison and will focus more on Playlist Central and what it offers in a South African context.

Playlist Central is currently in a beta offering but from what I've tried in the afore-mentioned context of available South Africa services it's fantastic. Sporting a range of artists from A-Z including the likes of Abba, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Adele, and Sepultura there's sure to be something for everyone.

20GB prepaid Vodacom data for R499

Thanks to my subscription to the mybroadband twitter feed I can now confidently declare that Vodacom's latest Mofaya prepaid data promotion is here.

You can now get 20GB prepaid data for R499 instead of the original R3,620.00 - that's quite a decent drop in cost if you ask me (which you didn't, but it's my blog so I'm telling you anyway).

This promotion starts today and ends 9 January 2012. There is no modem and the data summer bundle carries over until the last day of the next month.

25 October 2011

Very competitive Dion Wired laptop deal

It's almost time for Christmas and the Christmas giving spirit hasn't been lost on Dion Wired. If you're in the market for a new laptop (or know of someone who is) and spending as little as possible on a reasonable entry-level product is your game, then look no further than Dion Wired and Cell C.

You see, there's a little special running until the end of this month for a Nokia 1800 cellphone, Samsung Celeron notebook (with Windows 7 Basic), Cell C 3GB UMTS USB speed stick, and a Casual Chat 100 contract all for the combined price of R145 per month for only 24 months.

The total after 24 months is R3480 (or thereabouts, if my mental maths is a bit off) and that's around the cash price you'd expect to pay for most non-Atom entry-level laptops anyway. The rest of the trinkets are purely peripheral to the deal because in my mind to have to only spend R145 per month on a notebook for only two years is a really good thing. In only the first year you've spent R1740 on a laptop - that's pretty decent as far as I'm concerned. To still get a cellphone, 3G USB stick, and a casual phone contract on top of the laptop makes this hard to ignore.

So, from one techie-enthusiast to another (if you are one), go and check out this deal while it's still around! If you're not a techie-enthusiast, then take my word for it - this is a good deal!

Google Buzz is finally buzzted

Google Buzz is being retired. That's the official word from Google and you can check it here if you don't believe me (or if you care)...

I can't say that I'm too fussed (or is that 'fuzzed') about this news because I hardly used it - and I suspect most others hardly used it either. What Google Buzz was good for, however, was consolidating all your social feeds into one place on your GMail, which was really nice.

Again, though, I don't think its demise will impact too many people too harshly. But I thought I should still tell you. Ironically, you probably will get the news about this blog post through Google Buzz. Creepy eh?

PS - one useful thing to come from this news is the discovery of Google Takeout. Never heard of it? Google for it ;-)

Increase your Wi-Fi coverage for under $1

If you want to increase your Wi-Fi coverage of your Wi-Fi Access Point without much expense, then this video may just spark an idea or two for you. The entire solution is going to cost less than R10, or in more readily understandably global terms, $1.

Check it out... BEER CANS (or soda cans...) as Wi-Fi antenna boosters!

20 October 2011

Telkom ADSL Special: 1Mbps UNCAPPED for FREE

Your eyes do not deceive you! Telkom has recently shut the door on their 1Mbps ADSL special entitled "I do" and have opened up another one for a trial uncapped ADSL account.

How does this deal differ from the previous deal? Hardly. You get uncapped ADSL instead of 5GB+20GB.

What precisely do you get?

  • Fast Internet ADSL (up to 1Mbps)
  • Uncapped Telkom Internet 1Mbps
  • Free line installation
  • Free ADSL router without contractual obligations
What do you pay? Just the landline rental of +/-R139pm.

For more information go to the source or phone 10212 to place an order!

If you've already got a Telkom line you will need someone else who hasn't had one for at least three months to place an order, so get your spouse or tenant to order it for you if you need to - the +/-R500 for three months of ADSL is still cheaper than the cost of an ADSL Wireless Router on its own and you still get yourself a wonderfully 'fast' ADSL account without any data cap! 

Wait ... you're still here? 


14 October 2011

BlackBerry special @ Incredible Connection

In spite of recent rumblings with RIM and their BIS(n't) service, the BlackBerry service is still (IMHO) the best cellular service available for South African patrons (when it works ;)).

Although I'm not entirely fond of the 9800 because of a few design issues I've found, if you want a BlackBerry at a competitive price then Incredible Connection is running a price-beating special this weekend.

The monthly subs for BB Talk 100 is usually R349pm and I was unlucky enough to also have to pay R50pm for the 9800 which meant I'm paying the then 'standard' R399pm for the phone and contract. For this weekend you can enjoy 'everything' for R100pm less than what I had to pay, and it's also below contract rates making it a real bargain.

Rumour has it the Consumer Act also entitles BlackBerry handset owners (since April) to return their phones for a full refund in light of the recent BIS debacle. I'm sure this won't be easy and probably entails a fight and I doubt anyone in the blogosphere besides me is prepared to fight for such an insignificant cause ... So I'll just have to keep you posted :)

Today is FRIDAY!!

07 October 2011

Want to earn money driving foreigners around Durban?

Out of luck? Need some spare cash? Retired with nothing to do?

If you're passionate about Durban and want to be involved in medical research (as an ambassador, not a test subject) then why not try out for a K-RITH Ambassador part-time post?

Details as follows...

K-RITH Ambassadors (part-time contractors)

KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV
Nelson R Mandela Medical School

Brief overview

You will be responsible for planning, preparing and guiding K-RITH visitors to areas of interest within Durban and surrounding areas. Your role includes both driving and guiding. You will be responsible for ensuring your guests have an informative, safe and enjoyable experience.

Google goes promiscuous?

Today when signing up for a new account on Google I noticed that there are now a few more options to sign up with besides just the standard creation of a new Google Account.

Actually, let me rephrase that - it seems that one can now have a Google Account / identity which isn't *@googlemail.com or *@gmail.com.


Today is FRIDAY!!

01 October 2011

Only in JHB...

I guess the mentality on crime in JHB is so serious that the term 'please lift handset' has a different, more criminal meaning here.

Consider the handset 'lifted'...

29 September 2011

Score for free kalahari stuff!

Have a R50 voucher but nothing to buy?

R35 shipping fee got you down?

Then just buy stationery to the value of R15 and get it all absolutely free!

Behold! The cheapskate Johnston's have done it again! One free marker pen and 100 post-it notes, delivered for a cost or R35 but discounted by R50!

Make your vouchers work for YOU!


R11 for an 'ass pie' at Westwood Food Lover's Market ...

19 September 2011

FREE PC game: Portal

Portal is FREE for two days on Steam. If you don't already own this great title, grab it now while it's absolutely free!

This special runs until 20 September whereupon it reverts back to the regular retail price of $19.99.


16 September 2011

14 September 2011

Free Microsoft Points

It's a bit of a stretch but if you want to earn free Microsoft Points and you intend to be on your Xbox 360 for a while (and perhaps they'll carry over to the next generation console when it comes out) then just sign up for Xbox LIVE Rewards!

Fill in a quick survey (and it really is quick - I clicked my answer and clicked submit and earned my points) every month and get something back.

Sure, it isn't much, but if you did this for one year you'd at least have earned yourself 240MSP for virtually nothing :)


Supersport.com is messed up

First, they totally screwed up online streaming for the Opening Ceremony of the Rugby World Cup 2011 and then also the first match. I mean, honestly, who in their right mind doesn't test the server capacity beforehand?

It's South Africa, everyone's at work, and we're rugby mad. Server overload? No excuse!!

Now, it seems, possibly, the site isn't quite right yet - I think the online live streaming isn't working properly either... you can view for free at the moment - I think...

http://www.supersport.com/video/play.aspx?id=104501 to test my theory :)

SAOL Wacky Wednesday

SAOL is running a Wacky Wednesday Special today. Top up with 20 Gigs for R99, today ONLY. No roll over.

E-mail info@saol.com or call them on 0861007265 to get your Wacky
Wednesday Top Up.

13 September 2011

Ultimate Support CD for Computer Admin's

I know I'm probably stating the obvious here but just in case someone out there may not already know about Hiren's Boot CD, here goes:

  • Bootable CD with a ton of diagnostic programs and tools, including -
    • Partitioning agents
    • Cloning and imaging tools
    • Data recovery tools
    • MBR tools
    • BIOS tools
    • Account recovery tools
The list goes on but I think you get the idea!

A link to the ISO is here: http://www.hirensbootcd.org/.

Grab the full list of tools here if you are ever in a bind: http://hiren.info/bootcd.

OR click on the << MORE >> link to get an expanded list of the v14.1 contents...

FREE PC Game: Ultima IV Quest of the Avatar

Good Old Games is giving Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar away for free.

I don't really know how they can do that except that it appears they have purchased the rights to a bunch of legacy games and can do what they want any way that they want.

Anyway, all that aside, it's a great game and if you want a trip down memory lane then go and grab it for FREE now!

Alternatively, buy Ultima 4, 5, and 6 for under $6 here: http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/ultima_4_5_6

Telkom 1Mbps special: last few days remaining!

[ UPDATE: Special has been extended until the 15th of October so you've got more time to order ]

If you're in the market for good value internet then you have a few days left until the Telkom Trial special is officially OVER. In fact, you have until the 15th of September to place your orders.

To order it online go to the telkom.co.za website and click on "Free Trial" near the center of the screen. Otherwise, just click here: https://secureapp.telkom.co.za/ido/index.do?utm_source=telkom_coza&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=home_banner&utm_campaign=telkom_ido

What you get:

  • Fast internet (DSL access up to 1024 kbps)
  • Sufficient data allowance to use:
    • 5 GB of blended data PLUS 20 GB local data
  • Free line and internet installation.
  • Free modem without contractual commitments.
  • Line rental, call charges and out of bundle data (blended and local data) excluded.

Just remember to cancel the deal (to avoid the 1Mbps line costs if you don't want to keep 1Mbps, or want to downgrade the line, etc.) in time: https://secureapp.telkom.co.za/ido/unregister.do

12 September 2011

Wi-Fi hotspot locations in Africa

Want to know where you can use your Wi-Fi on your tablet, BlackBerry, iPod, or other technology-capable device?

Check out this site if you're in the Africa region:

Now with Afrihost offering their own Wi-Fi service, your options for enjoying a cuppa on the move while checking your GMail from your portable tablet have just grown that much bigger! Enjoy, and indulge!

09 September 2011

Free Xbox 360 DLC: Red Dead Redemption

My buddy just reminded me of the soon-to-be-released free DLC for Read Dead Redemption, entitled Myths and Mavericks. It comes out on 13 September 2011 and is absolutely free. Time to dig up my copy of RDR and start playing some multiplayer again!

Thanks, Oltman!

More importantly, THANKS Rockstar!


Superbru featured pools - free prizes!

[ UPDATE: added in a new pool, "Goodyz" - 24 Sep '11 ]

If you're a freeloader (like me) and a rugby fan then I strongly suggest you try your luck at the following Superbru pools to enter for some free prizes:


Inside this page you will find links to all of the public pools which offer free entry and prizes (weekly, or overall).

As of now these are the pools available to join - you can only be in five so choose wisely:

  • Shield RWC2011 - T-shirts for for everyone that uploads a photo (see page for details), and "R48,000 CASH up for grabs". This pool offers an absolutely free prize to anyone that uploads a photo. You could be scaley and sign up, win your T-Shirt, and quit the pool if you are over-subscribed.
  • Sport24.co.za - Top player wins 12-month membership to Virgin Active. Yellow cap winners win 3-month memberships.
  • Nando's - Yellow cap winners win a signed and framed South African Rugby Supporter Shirt signed by Victor Matfield and Bakkies Botha (whoopee!). I have a feeling Nando's will offer other goodies along the way too.
  • BruGolfers - Win 2 x fourball entries to the Sardine Run 3-day golf tournament on the South Coast including entry to golf, goodies, dinner, breakfast and accommodation for all 3 days. Package worth R60,000!
  • Mr. Delivery - Best player wins R5,000.00 voucher from Mr. Delivery; yellow caps win R200 vouchers.
  • Bonus pool: if you're a South Africa fan you should also be in the South Africa Fans pool which also opens you up to other prizes (best player on the Springbok fans leaderboard will win 2 nights for 2 at 5 star game lodge Lukimbi Safari Lodge).

South African Prizes also include a grand prize (4-day tour package on the Blue Train for 2 persons courtesy of JB Train Tours) and best each round prize (40 inch Hyundai Full HD LCD TV from Teljoy). For the full list of prizes (including pool vs. pool prizes) check out this link: http://www.superbru.com/rwc/prizes.asp

As a final observation, http://hectic.superbru.com/ is up and running for those people struggling to get onto the main site, and you need to make your predictions.

Enjoy! And may the best 'bru win :)

Goodyz - Best player wins a BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone. There are only 121 players at time of writing so the odds are almost 1% per player, barring any consideration for rugby prediction talent!


07 September 2011

FREE Xbox 360 game: Crimson Alliance

It isn't every day that something comes along for free but when those rare days come, you can be guaranteed that I'm there like a ravenous bear.

Tonight I've found Crimson Alliance for free on Xbox LIVE - approximately 1GB of game and all completely for no cost besides your bandwidth.

It's an action-RPG adventure supporting up to four local co-op players as well as online co-op. No idea about whether it's any good or not but anything for free can't be all that bad, right? :)

06 September 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011 Google Calendar Fixtures List

If you want to get all the Rugby World Cup 2011 fixtures or match line-ups on your phone (or Outlook calendar, etc.) then add this calendar to your phone, desktop, or bookmark the website link below:

If you need help then post a request below in the comments and I'll try to help you out ;)

I cannot take credit for this calendar - the thanks must go Mike Riversdale of New Zealand for saving me a few hours of work!

Alternative calendar options are here:

03 September 2011

An easy way to profit in retail

If I weren't such an honest guy, I swear, some of my ideas would make me super rich or super (in)famous.

Here's my latest pearl: going retail without much capital or effort.

The concept is simple. Many retail stores out there offer you a "we'll beat any price" promise provided you can furnish proof of a competing store's advert. All you need to do to exploit this is to either (a) print out a pamphlet promising below-cost prices for products that other major retail chains are selling or (b) set up a home office or website that fakes a storefront.

Let me elaborate:

  • GAME will match any competitor's price on a product they sell provided the competitor has the same product in stock. Not only will GAME match the price but they'll offer you a further 10% discount on the product price difference.
  • GAME will usually look at a printed advert and then phone the store to verify that the price is valid and stock is available.
  • All you need to do is see what GAME sells (for example, a 46" FHD 3D LED TV for R19,299) and then print out an advert for the same product at some insane "opening sale special" of R1,929. Organise a landline or cellphone number as your store's "front" number and have two friends (or more if your friends can't put on accents) man the phone.
  • Walk in to GAME and show them the advert and say it's an opening special and will they match the price. They have to because it's their policy but they'll first need to check that the special is valid.
  • Dialing the number on the advert your first buddy answers the phone with appropriate background noise generated by a TV or a fake PA sound effect etc. and says "Bargain Discounts Electronics, Ronnie speaking, how may I direct your call?" and then GAME will ask about the product special at which point 'Ronnie' says, "hold on a moment, let me put you through to the Home Entertainment division" and hits a HOLD button to make the classic elevator music.
  • Buddy #2 picks up the phone and says something official like "hello, despatch" and then undertakes a small conversation about how they've been put through to the wrong division and they'll transfer them.
  • Buddy #1 picks up and says "hello, switchboard" and then transfers the GAME guy to Buddy #2...
  • "Hello, showroom"... "yes sir, that product is on special - we have one left"... "okay let me put you through to my accounts department"
  • Buddy #1 "hello, Gavin speaking..." and so on.
  • The key to making this whole process work is faking a call-transfer and using big words like "warehouse", "showroom", and "despatch" to flummox the GAME guy. 
  • At a loss, they'll have to mark their TV set down to R1,929 and then knock off an additional ten percent difference, which is R1,737, rendering the whole TV set to a new price of under R200. Even if you score just one, you've scored a huge bargain ;-)
Of course, from here, how you hit it big is if you really did genuinely advertise the product at your shopfront (assuming you want to go into retail) and then sell the TV at the advertised price (R1,929) - you'll have earned a R1,737 profit on one product and undersold GAME.

I know it's a very rough concept but it's the concept that intrigues me. GAME is not the only store to match and beat prices: Hi-Fi Corporation, House and Home, Hirsch's and many others do the same so you could just cut-throat market against them using their own policies and make a bit of cash on the side.

To be really authentic looking without running a store, just grab a picture off the internet of some store front and then edit it to make it look like your opening special. Here's an example:
  • GOOGLE for "electronics store" images and grab one that looks good
  • Spruce it up a bit
  • Take it in to GAME :-)

Again, this is a really simple concept that I am putting out there to show how my mind thinks. If someone were crafty enough to put something like this into action I am certain they could pull off a few bargain purchases or at least make some cash on the side before GAME et al wise up to it.