14 February 2012

Decisions, decisions ...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Not that I celebrate such commercialised tripe, but thanks to the protesting students on campus I've got the day off, so I guess I'll surprise my missus with some strawberries and chocolate dip. The thing is, do I get 200g of dip for R20 or 400g for R19? Decisions, decisions ...

11 February 2012

International Rugby Calendar 2012 and onwards

Back in 2011 I posted about a Rugby World Cup calendar for you to import to your Outlook, iCal device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.), and so forth. I didn't realise that Mike Riversdale would continue this calendar past the World Cup and as it appears, it's still being updated for international rugby events through 2012. That's very exciting :)

So, if you own an Android tablet, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or such then you can add this calendar to your device to keep track of all the international rugby events for 2012 (and hopefully beyond).

To add the calendar pick one of these links:

Super 15 Rugby Fixtures Calendar 2012

If you want the latest Super Rugby fixtures list, for 2012, then pick one of these for your desired format:

If you want to customise the calendar yourself, then you'll need a CSV format, which you can obtain here. This CSV file was courtesy of Arthur the Grandmaster from MyBroadband.co.za forums and is the root source for all of the modified formats above.

Alternative options: