20 March 2014

Free game/s on Greenmangaming.com!


Thanks to Oltman for the tip :)

Google Chrome: Extensions vanished and replaced by a drop-down

If you've suddenly noticed that your Google Chrome Extensions have all been replaced by a minimalist >> drop-down menu there's a way to get your Extensions back:

  • Hover the mouse over the region between the omnibar and the >>
  • Cursor changes to a left-right arrow
  • Drag it along
  • Voila!

06 March 2014

Cut and Paste not working in VNC Viewer between Linux and Windows

A simple solution to a simple problem:

My cut and paste between my Windows 8 box and my RHEL box (running a VNC session) stopped working. After doing some reading (thanks to http://almost-a-technocrat.blogspot.com/2012/10/how-to-enable-copy-and-paste-between.html for assistance) I realised it's a simple answer:

In a terminal, run 

# vncconfig &

And that's about it ... at least, it solved my copy & paste problems!