28 September 2010

Software: VNC Thumbnail Viewer

Chances are if you're using VNC on a Windows platform in a fairly large-scale environment, on occasion you've needed to view multiple VNC connections at once.

A while ago I did find and make use of a handy freeware program that could filter through a range of supplied IP addresses and establish multiple VNC connections at the same time for your viewing pleasure: I just wish I knew what it was called or where I could find it now (note to self: find this software).

No matter, for the time being I have found another handy (in some ways HANDIER) multiple VNC viewer solution - its name is VNC Thumbnail Viewer.

Simply download the software and run it to get access to multiple VNC connections from one client. The added benefit of this software is that it's totally PORTABLE, and supports command line interactions.

Below is a little example of a 4-PC connection script so you can quickly and easily view 4 VNC PCs from a simple command line instruction:

VncThumbnailViewer_Win_1.4.2.exe HOST 192.168.%2 PORT 5900 PASSWORD %1 HOST 192.168.%3 PORT 5900 PASSWORD %1 HOST 192.168.%4 PORT 5900 PASSWORD %1 HOST 192.168.%5 PORT 5900 PASSWORD %1 

And an example of using it would be:
VncThumbnailViewer_Win_1.4.2.exe vncpassword 0.1 1.12 1.255

Quickly bringing up VNC connections with "vncpassword" on;;
I really like this lightweight and efficient solution for VNC controls - it even supports RECORDING, although I haven't dabbled with that just yet.

For more information go to the homepage of VNC Thumbnail Viewer, and download it at:

27 September 2010

South Africa: Democracy at risk


I've just signed an urgent petition calling on the ANC to protect our democracy and basic freedoms by reversing an unconstitutional secrecy Bill and a new proposal to gag the media. I thought you would want to join me. If enough of us come together now and oppose these initiatives, our outcry will be too loud to ignore at the ANC Council this week.

You can read more below and sign the petition here:



The truth about how the Titanic sank

Probably most people don't care for this bit of information, but read ahead if you care for conspiracy and history :)