31 March 2011

DSTV Drifta channels increased

A quick update from News24 has alerted me to the fact that DStv Mobile is increasing its channel offering for DStv Mobile subscribers; now you get CNNi, E! Entertainment, and Sony Max added to the mix.

This brings the total channel offering as of 1 April 2011 to:
  • eNews
  • CNNi
  • Channel O
  • E! Entertainment
  • Sony Max
  • Africa Magic
  • Cartoon Network
  • Trace Urban
  • SuperSport 1
  • SuperSport 2
  • SuperSport 3
  • SuperSport Blitz

This is becoming a sweeter deal by the month :)

Cost-wise, expect to pay R36 a month unless you want to receive it on a DVB-H phone (bypassing the need for the Drifta receiver) for an extra R9 a week on top of the R36 a month. It's FREE if you have DSTV Premium, and it's also free until 31 March 2012 if you have DSTV Compact and signed up before 1 April 2011.

29 March 2011


If anyone is interested, there's FREE DELIVERY until the end of March 2011 on Kalahari.net orders, so go over there and check out the merchandise available - and if you're lucky enough to also have a R50 voucher, maybe score yourself something really cheap :)

10 March 2011

DSTV Drifta

"... If you want rugby, then the Drifta will cost you the same price for a year as the DSTV bouquet will cost for a month. Think about that!"

UPDATE June 2012: I've added a dedicated DStv Drifta page for future DStv Drifta information. Find it here or click up top.

[ UPDATE April 2011: J-J.co.za has set up an unofficial yet very comprehensive Drifta FAQ here. Highly recommended! ]

[ UPDATE 31 March 2011: THREE new channels announced for DSTV Drifta! Read about it here. ]

[ UPDATE: the cost per month as at March 2011 is R40pm INCLUDING the insurance if you don't piggy-back an existing DSTV subscription ]

By now most of us living in South Africa have heard of the DSTV mobile solution called the Drifta. It's touted to be a DStv Mobile Decoder and all it really is is a tiny DVB-H receiver. At first I thought it was a cheap gimmick: a tiny device with a tiny screen, but when I learnt that it actually doesn't have a screen at all and instead connects to your iOS devices or your PC / laptop, it caught my attention.

I've since read a few local reviews and snatched one up for a birthday present because on the surface it sounds like it can do the job I'm looking for. If you're interested in finding out whether it really is worth it, read on!

08 March 2011

DHL notification

This has to be one of the worst phishing messages I've seen yet!

-------Original Email-------
Subject :DHL notification
From :mailto:support61m@dhl.com
Date :Tue Mar 08 09:54:06 Africa/Harare 2011

Dear customer.

The parcel was send your home address.

And it will arrice within 7 bussness day.

More information and the tracking number
are attached in document below.

Thank you.

2011 DHL International GmbH.
All rights reserverd.

03 March 2011

DSTV XtraView settings

Setting up XtraView can be quite simple provided you know the configuration options.

Multichoice (AKA "monochoice") used to have a nice PDF with instructions but I can't find them any more - it's like they've been taken off the website. Instead, there's a quick reference guide which - once you've learnt how to read it - seems quite simple to follow. Attached here for your convenience because it's a bit of a mission to actually find it on the DSTV website!

(as an aside, what's with the "xtraview" without the "e"? That's just silly... and so difficult to filter)

Gleaned from http://care.dstv.com/main.aspx?ID=1747&SOR=0115555G


Decoder CombinationPrimary DSDSingle ViewHDSingle ViewHDHD
Secondary DSDSingle ViewSingle ViewHDHDHD
Primary DecoderComm PortRF InRF InRF InRF InRF In
Remote modeTV 1TV 1TV 1TV 1TV 1
Relay Remote CommandTV 2ONTV 2OnOn
Accept Relayed CommandOffOnOffOnOn
Secondary DecoderComm PortRF OutRF OutRF OutRF OutRF Out
Remote modeTV 2TV 2TV 2·
Using SD Remote
Using HD Remote
TV 2
Relay Remote CommandOffOffOnOffOff
Accept Relayed CommandTV 2TV 2OffOnOff

02 March 2011

Are you registered for voting?

Last chance to register is this weekend for the local by-elections. If you aren't sure whether or not you're registered, you can visit the IEC website at https://www.elections.org.za/content/Pages/AmIRegistered/VoterRegistrationStatus.aspx and verify your details.

Alternatively, SMS your ID number to 32810 (R1.00 per SMS sent or received),


Call the toll-free (from a landline) number 0800 11 8000.

Do it! Add to the democratic way... AKA the dictatorship by the ignorant masses :)