31 March 2011

DSTV Drifta channels increased

A quick update from News24 has alerted me to the fact that DStv Mobile is increasing its channel offering for DStv Mobile subscribers; now you get CNNi, E! Entertainment, and Sony Max added to the mix.

This brings the total channel offering as of 1 April 2011 to:
  • eNews
  • CNNi
  • Channel O
  • E! Entertainment
  • Sony Max
  • Africa Magic
  • Cartoon Network
  • Trace Urban
  • SuperSport 1
  • SuperSport 2
  • SuperSport 3
  • SuperSport Blitz

This is becoming a sweeter deal by the month :)

Cost-wise, expect to pay R36 a month unless you want to receive it on a DVB-H phone (bypassing the need for the Drifta receiver) for an extra R9 a week on top of the R36 a month. It's FREE if you have DSTV Premium, and it's also free until 31 March 2012 if you have DSTV Compact and signed up before 1 April 2011.

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