11 April 2011

VODACOM reduced 2GB Broadband pricing

For those that don't follow mybroadband.co.za, VODACOM isn't just giving South Africans a new logo but also new product offerings. Announced recently was VODACOM's 2GB+2GB special which brings broadband pricing to an  "as low as" 3.6c per MB. That's quite a big deal for South Africa because only recently it was still R2 per MB on some data packages so this is a 98% reduction in costs.

Basically if you sign up with VODACOM between 1 May and 31 July 2011 you'll be able to secure this deal, including 7.2Mbps modem at R149 per month for 12 months. There is a catch: you get 2GB for use any time and another 2GB for use from midnight to 5am a month. If you don't intend to use the second 2GB batch, then this pricing is "as good as" the CELL C offering, so you can't really lose anyway.

If I've ever been an advocate recommending to you the Cell C 2GB deal, well now you can scratch that and go for the VODACOM deal instead!

A breakdown for the various competitors, courtesy of mybroadband.co.za's news post is below. I can't help but notice the "competitive Telkom pricing" ;-)

2GB Mobile Data Contracts
 Standard dataExtra data (after 00:00)ModemPrice (p/m)Cost/MB
Vodacom 2GB + 2GB2GB2GB7.2MbpsR149R0.036 - R0.073
Cell C 2GB2GB--7.2MbpsR149R0.073
8ta 2GB1.5GB--7.2MbpsR280R0.19
MTN 2GB2GB--7.2MbpsR389R0.19

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