29 April 2011

The only thing ROYAL about this wedding is the royalties!

What's the big hullabaloo about this wedding?

First of all what's the point? They've been living together already so it means very little apart from securing the throne (can't have a "fornicator" as King, although that's never stopped royalty before!). Also the costs for this wedding could have fed the entire starving nation of Zimbabwe AND THEN SOME. Total gluttony if you ask me - and no-one asked me :)

It's obvious the Queen pressured them to marry because it was the "proper" thing to do and I'm not surprised they agreed: think about all the expensive wedding gifts they'll receive from the Commonwealth states, not to mention the sycophants' efforts to get a photo with the couple and then of course all the memorabilia royalties (sic).

One third of the globe will be watching today's event, and I'd wager that's the entire female population. For Bill & Kate it's just a money-spinner - they could have just as easily lived together for the rest of their lives so please people, stop feeding the piggies!

And before I stop, just remember there will be plenty more of these royal weddings: William's second (possibly third) and a few others, so don't use up all your enthusiasm for this one!

Women: remember this feeling for every day that your man wants to watch rugby, and you'll be in a better place to empathise and not criticise...

* I give the marriage seven years before it starts to crumble.

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