14 April 2011

My blog is ... useful?

(Random rambling mode on...)

Some may argue that having a visit counter on a blog is an obvious confession that the blog owner wants their ego boosted. My response to that is that one's ego is only boosted if the visit counter actually has a significant number on it and only then if it's not counting local or repeat visits within a specified time period. Well, my blog isn't tracking repeat visits within a specific time period (not sure about the local) and I've been amazed that I've almost hit 10,000 hits on this site. That's a lot of time wasted for you folk out there :)

Out of curiosity (and because I wanted to allow my ego to be boosted) I did some delving deeper to find out where the visits were coming from and I picked up some interesting (and ego boosting) information - my blog is being referenced!!

Check this out - I've been referenced just over a week ago on STACKOVERFLOW as an answer to a problem (pretty cool), and I've even been referenced as the third spot on an unofficial FAQ for the DSTV Drifta. It would appear that those 10,000 hits weren't just my mom and my wife after all :) Further digging included a google search for "Super 15 rugby fixtures" and my blog was in second place, just above www.superxv.com. That's pretty darn cool, people!!

If you want to, please feel free to leave a comment about what works (and what doesn't) about my blog so I can be sure to get that magical number of 1,000,000 and start to monetize! Your comments may one day pay for my daughter's education! Do it - think of the children...

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