29 May 2010

Superbru week 16

Final round coming up!

72.04% win accuracy in Super 14
Global 4,267 / 73,201
Sharks 304 / 4,484
Geel Kabouters 4 / 33
SuperDraw2010 6 / 35
Sport24 314 / 2,272
SuperBraai 3 / 12

Kind of in it and not so in it so it's acceptable to be where I am, considering my abysmal start, but it's sad to not defend the titles :(

I have to now make a decision about whether to go with the odds or hope for a big gamble and hope for a big payout. Let's see what needs to be done...

Quick! While you can!

Get strawberries! They're on promontion!

28 May 2010

Mr. Bean

He's back! And more popular than evarrr!

If Mr. Bean was in Avatar:

If Mr. Bean was in Harry Potter:

And my personal favourite... If Mr. Bean was in Twilight:

Download MS Office 2007 Media Kit

For a long time now I've been under the misguided perception that you can't get media kits for MS Office without having to pay for them. How ironic that finally as 2007 is about to be phased out I discover that all along you've been able to download MS Office media kits!!

Okay, so it's not quite as straightforward as just downloading it - you need to have a valid key to get to it, but if you do, here's where you need to go:


27 May 2010

FIFA World Cup Demotivationals

In keeping with the spirit of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, here's a motivational for you:

22 May 2010

Superbru Week 15

I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the final round of the round-robin stages than with a GRANDSLAM. Just such a pity that I didn't get anything more than a GSP and failed to score any BP or MP which meant my achievement was somewhat tempered by other people's blind luck :)


71.43% win accuracy in Super 14

Global 4,613/ 73,131

Sharks 331/ 4,487

Geel Kabouters 4/ 33

SuperDraw2010 7/ 35

Sport24 334/ 2,271

SuperBraai 3/ 12

21 May 2010


Everyone knows what a photobomb is, right?

If you don't, it won't take you long to figure them out after you've seen a few - and to get you started, here are a few oh-so-cute animal photobombs for your pleasure :)



20 May 2010

Where NOT to travel

I've been doing some random reading lately, and came across this interesting list of "top ten most dangerous places on earth" and I'm proud to say that South Africa is on the top ten! Not sure how recent this article is, but since it mentions RSA as being the 2010 World Cup host nation it must be fairly recent at least.

What's most interesting for me is that my point about ABSOLUTE crime in USA being worse than RSA has now finally been proven correct, and the rest of those dissenters against my comments can now finally eat their words and offer me an apology I am long overdue :)


13 May 2010

Superbru Week 14

Wow. What a tight race and what a mini-comeback for me this last weekend. Made it all the way through with a grandslam bonus AND I bet on my home team and they pulled through. If I had gone with my "head" and picked the Stormers I would not only have not enjoyed the match, but would have regretted not getting the GSP and not betting on the winning team. Thankfully everything worked out great for my SuperBru. What's more exciting is that I'm still very much in the running to pull out some $$$ this year!

69.05% win accuracy in Super 14

Global 5,461 / 72,923
Last week: Global 15,026 / 72,864

Sharks 382 / 4,480
Last week: Sharks 973 / 4,481

Geel Kabouters 2 / 33
Last week: Geel Kabouters 10 / 33

SuperDraw2010 9 / 35
Last week: SuperDraw2010 17 / 35

Sport24 386 / 2,262
Last week: Sport24 867 / 2,253

SuperBraai 3 / 12
Last week: SuperBraai 3 / 12

It's tight near the top! The only hope I have of securing $$$ is to win another GSP this weekend! Check out the leaderboards below:

11 May 2010

Software: Backup and restore

I was recently on the lookout for decent backup and restore software which is - ideally - FREE for both commercial and personal use and allows simple scheduled backup jobs. The final determining factor amongst the host of options was the user-friendly interface: this backup software was to be used by relative IT-peons, so it needed to be user-friendly and functional rather than flashy and complicated.

After sifting through a few of the more appealing candidates, I have settled on a backup solution that seems to fit the bill as far as basic requirements go: it's free for all use, it's very user-friendly, and it can perform scheduled backups. It is designed on the four principles of WHERE, WHAT, HOW, WHEN - WHERE do you want to store the backup (destination), WHAT do you want to backup (source), HOW do you want to run the backup (FULL backup or MIRROR backup), WHEN do you want to run the backup (schedule or manual).

Welcome to the latest entry into my essential and useful software list, FBackup v4.4!

You can go to the homepage here. It is relatively basic but it does the job it sets out to do and is a great tool for people that aren't that comfortable with computers. I was very impressed from the get-go and hopefully I didn't relax too much as I delved deeper into the program, but from my first run it looks very user-friendly, so even grandma can use it! I haven't classified this as an ESSENTIAL tool at the time of posting this, but perhaps will revisit this later on if I find it does the job well enough to become part of the furniture...

The other candidates are as follows (and for the record I didn't experiment with all of them, since FBackup v4.4 was the second package I tested and I liked it enough to keep using it - I'll have to review the rest of these when I get some time):

06 May 2010

Superbru Week 13

Ouch. Things are getting suckier for me as we near the end of the competition. My devout loyalties to the Sharks hurt me this weekend when it was an effective "no-brainer" that the Bulls would win. After the Hurricanes game, though, I can't possibly bet against the Sharks. When they are winning I start wishing my superbru will kick in. And besides, it's obvious EVERYONE will pick Stormers this weekend so it would be even more gut-wrenchingly sickening if the Sharks pulled it off. Unlikely, but I'm going to back my side anyway.

66.23% win accuracy in Super 14

Global 15,026 / 72,864

Sharks 973 / 4,481

Geel Kabouters 10 / 33
I'm on 69.25, and 2nd is 74.58 and 1st is 80.58 - not out of the money just yet :(

SuperDraw2010 17 / 35
I'm on 66.50 and 2nd is 73.83 and 1st is 78.67 so again there's hope for 2nd at least... :(

Sport24 867 / 2,253

SuperBraai 3 / 12
I'm on 71.50 and 2nd is 76.75 and 1st is 81.33 - it's those damned BP... check it out:

3Brattex Player is the chairman of this pool65.56.0071.50
5baas oltman60.07.8367.83
7Jonny G63.04.5067.50
10wezflash wezflash won the yellow cap in this pool in round 1256.05.5061.50

It's obvious that mRp's BP is stealing the show... I'm now also down to 3rd on the global standings because of my dull performances. Two weekends to go and I need to snatch up some more GSP :)