29 May 2010

Superbru week 16

Final round coming up!

72.04% win accuracy in Super 14
Global 4,267 / 73,201
Sharks 304 / 4,484
Geel Kabouters 4 / 33
SuperDraw2010 6 / 35
Sport24 314 / 2,272
SuperBraai 3 / 12

Kind of in it and not so in it so it's acceptable to be where I am, considering my abysmal start, but it's sad to not defend the titles :(

I have to now make a decision about whether to go with the odds or hope for a big gamble and hope for a big payout. Let's see what needs to be done...

SuperBraai (mates' pool) - the real winner is Al or me, with no-one else coming close to our global scores. Lili (Layle) is third best on the global pool. How insane is mRp's BP?? In this pool going with the flow means I can only get possibly 1.5 (BP+MP) which means I cannot reach Ryan. I need to pick OPPOSITE to him in the pool to win. Now, I suspect he'll go with Bulls, so Stormers have to be picked. I can't get worse than 3rd so it's really about going for 2nd, or going for 1st. I say all or nothing :)... STORMERS 1, BULLS 0 so far.

1mRp mRp won the yellow cap in this pool in round 1582.016.8398.83
3Brattex Player is the chairman of this pool88.08.0096.00
4baas oltman81.010.8391.83
5Jonny G82.56.5089.00

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posted on the pool BanterBoard:
yes, Ryan... thanks... i was going to make some comment about it, but decided not to. i guess your total points difference was lower than mine...

and i see nothing wrong with the bonus points system! you deserve a bonus point for being the most accurate player in your pool. thats all its doing.
2 days ago

posted on the pool BanterBoard:
I declare Al the true winner of the pool. Bonus points are broken!
2 days ago

posted on the pool BanterBoard:
Sorry Oltman, i stole your yellow cap!
5 days ago

posted on the pool BanterBoard:
Good Job Lili and you look good to at least hold onto 6th with a potential for 5th. Now to get some more ladies in the league...so the top three all have the potential to break the 100 pt mark...still anybodys game!
5 days ago

posted on the pool BanterBoard:
As the token female I am super-uber-chuffed to be in sixth place!! And doing well on the global log!! Watch out next year boys... ;)
5 days ago

posted on the pool BanterBoard:
Bonus points are like gold this far into the competition, and MP just as important. The only way mRp will be beaten is by BP now :)

Incidentally, top of the GLOBAL in our pool is Al / Brattex and next is Lili! GOOD JOB Layle!!!
2 weeks ago


And then there's the money pool (defending champion: still in with heavy hope for 2nd place). Here, I can get 1.5 more than niel, which means 94.25 but it's a bit of a gamble again. Let's say 0.5 more won't be enough. I need 3rd place to secure a cash payout; going all or nothing means I can reach 2nd place, but nothing better. If I go with 1.5, I can possibly reach 2nd place ... even with just 1 point (bonus point) ... so BULLS 1 and STORMERS 1.

3Pieter Lap92.51.0093.50
5Jacques du Preez87.53.3390.83

6Louis Koch90.00.5090.50
7Doc Craven86.52.5089.00
8Emile Marais84.53.2587.75

And my other money pool, where I don't think there's anything for anyone beyond 1st place. Gamble here. Cash payout is nil, and I can lose a few places, but I can make it up to 90.50 
effectively, which is only 4th. I think it's all or nothing again; STORMERS.

3Greig Greig won the yellow cap in this pool in round 1589.51.3390.83
4Louis Koch90.00.5090.50

It is decided! I can still win money if I go sensibly ahead. The Bulls are likely to win, but the Stormers could possibly pull off an upset... the last five matches have all been BULLS, although the margin has been dwindling - the BULLS are rested, the STORMERS are tired, but the STORMERS are solid in defence, and disciplined, which means Morne Steyn is essentially neutralised as a kicker. Habana and Fourie make a huge difference. No Bakkies Botha. Schalk is also there. Shucks this is a tough one. I am going with Stormers by one ;)

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