01 June 2010

South African flag woes

If you've been venturing out for the past few weeks and live in South Africa, you would no doubt have noticed the hundreds of cars racing about with South African flags sticking out of their windows, or adorning their side mirrors. Yes, "it is here" is quite heavily ingrained in our psyche now; the so-called "greatest thing to ever hit South Africa" is almost upon us, and to show our support for our country, everyone that's got money to waste is splashing it out on one, maybe two, maybe even three flags to stick in the car windows or on their side mirrors. This place is insane. I love it!!

The only major gripes I have about this SA Silliness is that (a) those window flags are awfully prone to snapping off on the freeway (as I've experienced myself while migrating into Mozambique for mission 2009), and I particularly don't know who to sue if / when one of those dastardly flags decides to smash into my car going at 120km/h; (b) those side mirror flags can actually obscure your vision if you don't fit them on properly, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure they're on properly; and finally (c) some idiots still have no clue how the South African flag is supposed to be positioned! Some dolts still have the flags upside down, and I have no idea how or why people still think this is excusable or in some way not a big issue.

Come on people, the flag colours are simple!! I thought it may be interesting to see how many of you out there actually DO know how the colours in the flag go ... go on, think about it for a minute, write it down, and then click ahead to see if you've got them right...

Well done! You care! Now, I'm going from memory here, but I'm pretty sure I'm right:

RED on top
BLUE on bottom
BLACK on left triangle
YELLOW "V" bordering left triangle.

And if it's downwards, it's not just a rotation down by 90 degrees, it's actually more like folding the top right corner underneath to the bottom left...

Am I right? Are you right??


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