29 June 2010

Can you feel it? It's here! The death of South African self-respect!

Yes. I believe so. At least, in my opinion, we've done enough to embarrass ourselves in the global eye.

For one, we've got our flag all the way upside down and it's being "shown off" all around the place! This is a disgrace, and it shows how ignorant a nation is of their own heritage and identity if we still can't tell how the nation's flag works, even if it's "only" SIXTEEN YEARS!

Some people's response to this is "who cares? it's not such a big deal" and they think this is an acceptable response. What drivel! What nonsense! In fact, this is precisely why we should be embarrassed! If we don't care enough to actually look after our nation's identity, then either we lack any patriotism and national pride, or we're just a bunch of idiots! If a nation's flag is not that important to the nation, then the nation may as well be annexed because that's what we're indicating by our lackluster protection of our heritage and national identity.

Another thing: the continent's bees have all migrated to South Africa for the period of the World Cup (and I pray not a minute longer). Everywhere you go, there's those annoying trumpets and horns "affectionately" known as vuvuzela's. Some people even try to defend them as our identity, suggesting that the vuvuzela is a symbol of being truly South African. I just don't get it. There's such a divide between sensible, intelligent thought, and ignorant, stupid excuses. If people are more prepared to sign up for a blaring trumpet that contributes to the most cacophonic noise known to man (it is louder than a chainsaw - imagine being in a room with fifteen chainsaws going at full blast... then double that and you have a vague idea of the cacophony of which I refer), which very closely sounds like a swarm of flies around a pile of dung or a bit of dead meat, then no wonder our nation's pride seems to be dead for some.

DISCLAIMER: Before anyone wants to rant and rave against my seemingly traitorous posings, let me clarify for the uninformed: I am PROUDLY South African! I am so PROUDLY South African that I have to write this post, simply because I want to defend our flag - I want to defend our heritage - I want to defend our national identity! I am proud of what we've pulled off with the FIFA WORLD CUP - it's a wonderful event and there are hundreds and thousands of people who are working their buns off to get this spectacle going off perfectly. I've been to Moses Mabhida (the most beautiful stadium in Africa IMHO), I've been approached by friendly support staff, and I've seen the guys going out every single night onto the streets to welcome people to our country and to offer shelter for the homeless and destitute. I am proud to be associated with that. I am NOT proud to be associated with idiots who are more adamant that they should defend the vuvuzela over the proper orientation of our nation's identity. If anyone cares to comment and share their views, you are most welcome to - this is, after all, a beautiful democracy :)

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