17 June 2010

FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 Calendar

To save you the trouble of reading all the rest, the GOOGLE CALENDAR link for FIFA 2010 is here.

Most people should know me as being a bit of a BLACKBERRY / GOOGLE fanatic, so whenever I get a chance to promote Google Calendar, or my Blackberry, or in rare occasions BOTH (such as now), I revel in it.
Obviously for anyone wanting to share in the celebration of a "local is lekker" World Cup, you'll need to keep track of when all the games are - and better yet, thanks to it being local - WHERE all the games are.

Below is my pick of the best calendars to use for this feature, with some even being importable into your GOOGLE CALENDAR (so you can get SMS reminders), your iPhone, Windows Vista Calendar, Outlook, and even printable PDF.

  1. Probably the most helpful from a diversity and functionality perspective, check out http://www.markthisdate.com/calendar/World_Cup_Football_Complete_Match_Schedule_2010_South_Africa_10041/add-to-calendar.html to get a host of options to import to a host of applications, or even just a printable PDF calendar.

  2. Probably the most colourful and impressively comprehensive calendar, which allows you to filter by national team, cities & stadiums, groups & stages, and a bit more, check out http://www.marca.com/deporte/futbol/mundial/sudafrica-2010/calendario-english.html but don't expect anything you can take off the site, because it seems quite web-reliant. (thanks to http://www.greenitweb.co.za/calendar.php for bringing this to my attention)

  3. Finally, some football fanatics have generated their own calendars:

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