11 February 2015

Super Rugby 2015 Calendar for iOS, Google, Android, etc.

The Super Rugby 2015 calendar is here, available in various formats for your browsing and productivity pleasure:

You should be able to add this to your BlackBerry, iOS, Google, or Android calendar with ease.

Here are the Google steps (since most people sync their Google with their device/s).

  1. Load up calendar.google.com
  2. At the bottom left, click the drop-down triangle under Other calendars and select Add by URL
  3. Enter the ICAL address (also available above):
And there you go!

06 February 2015

Set up Inactive Account Manager for Google

All sorts of things can happen in life:\

  • Sickness
  • Disability
  • Total loss of electricity (only in South Africa, thanks ANC and Jacob Zuma)
  • Abduction by terrorists
  • Abduction by aliens
  • You go to heaven
  • You go to hell

If you want your data available to your spouse, friend, loved one, or dog, then you need to ensure Google has your Inactive Account Manager settings - to do this follow this link


and set it up - it will take you five minutes and will save your family, friend, loved one, or dog many weeks (months, or even years) of agony getting access to your personal content.

Go on, do it. It's the responsible thing to do.