25 October 2011

Very competitive Dion Wired laptop deal

It's almost time for Christmas and the Christmas giving spirit hasn't been lost on Dion Wired. If you're in the market for a new laptop (or know of someone who is) and spending as little as possible on a reasonable entry-level product is your game, then look no further than Dion Wired and Cell C.

You see, there's a little special running until the end of this month for a Nokia 1800 cellphone, Samsung Celeron notebook (with Windows 7 Basic), Cell C 3GB UMTS USB speed stick, and a Casual Chat 100 contract all for the combined price of R145 per month for only 24 months.

The total after 24 months is R3480 (or thereabouts, if my mental maths is a bit off) and that's around the cash price you'd expect to pay for most non-Atom entry-level laptops anyway. The rest of the trinkets are purely peripheral to the deal because in my mind to have to only spend R145 per month on a notebook for only two years is a really good thing. In only the first year you've spent R1740 on a laptop - that's pretty decent as far as I'm concerned. To still get a cellphone, 3G USB stick, and a casual phone contract on top of the laptop makes this hard to ignore.

So, from one techie-enthusiast to another (if you are one), go and check out this deal while it's still around! If you're not a techie-enthusiast, then take my word for it - this is a good deal!

Google Buzz is finally buzzted

Google Buzz is being retired. That's the official word from Google and you can check it here if you don't believe me (or if you care)...

I can't say that I'm too fussed (or is that 'fuzzed') about this news because I hardly used it - and I suspect most others hardly used it either. What Google Buzz was good for, however, was consolidating all your social feeds into one place on your GMail, which was really nice.

Again, though, I don't think its demise will impact too many people too harshly. But I thought I should still tell you. Ironically, you probably will get the news about this blog post through Google Buzz. Creepy eh?

PS - one useful thing to come from this news is the discovery of Google Takeout. Never heard of it? Google for it ;-)

Increase your Wi-Fi coverage for under $1

If you want to increase your Wi-Fi coverage of your Wi-Fi Access Point without much expense, then this video may just spark an idea or two for you. The entire solution is going to cost less than R10, or in more readily understandably global terms, $1.

Check it out... BEER CANS (or soda cans...) as Wi-Fi antenna boosters!

20 October 2011

Telkom ADSL Special: 1Mbps UNCAPPED for FREE

Your eyes do not deceive you! Telkom has recently shut the door on their 1Mbps ADSL special entitled "I do" and have opened up another one for a trial uncapped ADSL account.

How does this deal differ from the previous deal? Hardly. You get uncapped ADSL instead of 5GB+20GB.

What precisely do you get?

  • Fast Internet ADSL (up to 1Mbps)
  • Uncapped Telkom Internet 1Mbps
  • Free line installation
  • Free ADSL router without contractual obligations
What do you pay? Just the landline rental of +/-R139pm.

For more information go to the source or phone 10212 to place an order!

If you've already got a Telkom line you will need someone else who hasn't had one for at least three months to place an order, so get your spouse or tenant to order it for you if you need to - the +/-R500 for three months of ADSL is still cheaper than the cost of an ADSL Wireless Router on its own and you still get yourself a wonderfully 'fast' ADSL account without any data cap! 

Wait ... you're still here? 


14 October 2011

BlackBerry special @ Incredible Connection

In spite of recent rumblings with RIM and their BIS(n't) service, the BlackBerry service is still (IMHO) the best cellular service available for South African patrons (when it works ;)).

Although I'm not entirely fond of the 9800 because of a few design issues I've found, if you want a BlackBerry at a competitive price then Incredible Connection is running a price-beating special this weekend.

The monthly subs for BB Talk 100 is usually R349pm and I was unlucky enough to also have to pay R50pm for the 9800 which meant I'm paying the then 'standard' R399pm for the phone and contract. For this weekend you can enjoy 'everything' for R100pm less than what I had to pay, and it's also below contract rates making it a real bargain.

Rumour has it the Consumer Act also entitles BlackBerry handset owners (since April) to return their phones for a full refund in light of the recent BIS debacle. I'm sure this won't be easy and probably entails a fight and I doubt anyone in the blogosphere besides me is prepared to fight for such an insignificant cause ... So I'll just have to keep you posted :)

Today is FRIDAY!!

07 October 2011

Want to earn money driving foreigners around Durban?

Out of luck? Need some spare cash? Retired with nothing to do?

If you're passionate about Durban and want to be involved in medical research (as an ambassador, not a test subject) then why not try out for a K-RITH Ambassador part-time post?

Details as follows...

K-RITH Ambassadors (part-time contractors)

KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV
Nelson R Mandela Medical School

Brief overview

You will be responsible for planning, preparing and guiding K-RITH visitors to areas of interest within Durban and surrounding areas. Your role includes both driving and guiding. You will be responsible for ensuring your guests have an informative, safe and enjoyable experience.

Google goes promiscuous?

Today when signing up for a new account on Google I noticed that there are now a few more options to sign up with besides just the standard creation of a new Google Account.

Actually, let me rephrase that - it seems that one can now have a Google Account / identity which isn't *@googlemail.com or *@gmail.com.


Today is FRIDAY!!

01 October 2011

Only in JHB...

I guess the mentality on crime in JHB is so serious that the term 'please lift handset' has a different, more criminal meaning here.

Consider the handset 'lifted'...