20 October 2011

Telkom ADSL Special: 1Mbps UNCAPPED for FREE

Your eyes do not deceive you! Telkom has recently shut the door on their 1Mbps ADSL special entitled "I do" and have opened up another one for a trial uncapped ADSL account.

How does this deal differ from the previous deal? Hardly. You get uncapped ADSL instead of 5GB+20GB.

What precisely do you get?

  • Fast Internet ADSL (up to 1Mbps)
  • Uncapped Telkom Internet 1Mbps
  • Free line installation
  • Free ADSL router without contractual obligations
What do you pay? Just the landline rental of +/-R139pm.

For more information go to the source or phone 10212 to place an order!

If you've already got a Telkom line you will need someone else who hasn't had one for at least three months to place an order, so get your spouse or tenant to order it for you if you need to - the +/-R500 for three months of ADSL is still cheaper than the cost of an ADSL Wireless Router on its own and you still get yourself a wonderfully 'fast' ADSL account without any data cap! 

Wait ... you're still here? 



Anonymous said...

Wonder wt's the catch on this one...

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