14 October 2011

BlackBerry special @ Incredible Connection

In spite of recent rumblings with RIM and their BIS(n't) service, the BlackBerry service is still (IMHO) the best cellular service available for South African patrons (when it works ;)).

Although I'm not entirely fond of the 9800 because of a few design issues I've found, if you want a BlackBerry at a competitive price then Incredible Connection is running a price-beating special this weekend.

The monthly subs for BB Talk 100 is usually R349pm and I was unlucky enough to also have to pay R50pm for the 9800 which meant I'm paying the then 'standard' R399pm for the phone and contract. For this weekend you can enjoy 'everything' for R100pm less than what I had to pay, and it's also below contract rates making it a real bargain.

Rumour has it the Consumer Act also entitles BlackBerry handset owners (since April) to return their phones for a full refund in light of the recent BIS debacle. I'm sure this won't be easy and probably entails a fight and I doubt anyone in the blogosphere besides me is prepared to fight for such an insignificant cause ... So I'll just have to keep you posted :)

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