03 March 2011

DSTV XtraView settings

Setting up XtraView can be quite simple provided you know the configuration options.

Multichoice (AKA "monochoice") used to have a nice PDF with instructions but I can't find them any more - it's like they've been taken off the website. Instead, there's a quick reference guide which - once you've learnt how to read it - seems quite simple to follow. Attached here for your convenience because it's a bit of a mission to actually find it on the DSTV website!

(as an aside, what's with the "xtraview" without the "e"? That's just silly... and so difficult to filter)

Gleaned from http://care.dstv.com/main.aspx?ID=1747&SOR=0115555G


Decoder CombinationPrimary DSDSingle ViewHDSingle ViewHDHD
Secondary DSDSingle ViewSingle ViewHDHDHD
Primary DecoderComm PortRF InRF InRF InRF InRF In
Remote modeTV 1TV 1TV 1TV 1TV 1
Relay Remote CommandTV 2ONTV 2OnOn
Accept Relayed CommandOffOnOffOnOn
Secondary DecoderComm PortRF OutRF OutRF OutRF OutRF Out
Remote modeTV 2TV 2TV 2·
Using SD Remote
Using HD Remote
TV 2
Relay Remote CommandOffOffOnOffOff
Accept Relayed CommandTV 2TV 2OffOnOff

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