27 December 2011

R200 for a wrong flag design?

People should honestly know better. Not only is this iPhone cover more expensive (at R200) than the rest (at R80) but it's got our beloved flag back to front!!

You're basically paying R200 to someone else to reward them for being stupid and you're also advertising to the (intelligent) rest of the world that you can't tell your left from your right and you're as stupid as the people that make this. In fact, if you own one, you're even more stupid than the designers because they've got your money for it and you're the one showing off how you were ripped off.

Dealify is dead ... Merry Christmas!

I kind of always knew this was inevitable but for some reason it still makes me a little bit sad. Dealify - one of the social buying sites and arguably the most innovative in terms of being the only one to advertise on TV - is dead. That's right. Dealify is dealifud.

I suspect there are more reasons than I can discuss here but one of the failings is possibly the fact that Dealify was the only one to venture out to mainstream media. Not really sure if it cost them too much to advertise or if it opened up people's eyes to the concept (and their competitors) but it's a pity because Dealify tried to break the mould.

Here's their site's explanation:

This is the end...

It's official, Dealify is closed!

Now, if you've bought a coupon recently don't panic, they're still valid
and our lovely client service lass is still working (very hard) to make
sure your experience with us remains a good one.

And if you're a merchant with concerns about payment, don't be! We promise
to make sure you're paid, after all we're backed by Naspers who's been
around for over 80 years.

If you're a customer and have any queries, questions or comments please
don't hesitate to get in touch on 0861 332 5439 or info@dealify.com

If you're a merchant and have any queries about payment please contact

From all of us at Dealify we'd like to thank YOU for being part of the
Dealify family.

We wish you the happiest holidays and a prosperous New Year.

Much love,

The D Team.

19 December 2011

11 December 2011

Google sounding the death of BlackBerry or sounding a declaration of war?

Google recently announced that it won't support the GMail app for
BlackBerry any more. The app isn't even available for download any
more either, it's just gone!

Their argument is that they will now focus on the web based interface instead.

Somehow, I don't really buy it. I mean, they also recently pulled the
Apple app for GMail too, so I'm suspecting this is more an
Android-growing tactic. In either case, it's very sad news for
BlackBerry users and also very confusing: why not leave the app in
place until this new web interface is live?

05 December 2011

BlackOps: Google Sync adding entries to BBM Groups instead of default calendar fix

If you are experiencing a problem with your Google Sync and the BB Calendar where everything is being added to the BBM Groups calendar, I can help.

This was first experienced for me on my BlackBerry Torch 9800 with OS6 and the source of the problem is a conflict between Google Sync and BBM. The quickfix is to uninstall BBM and then reset your calendar sync and then reinstall BBM.

Here are the steps in detail:

  1. Backup your BBM contacts etc. and then remove BBM. In OS6 go to Options --> Device --> Application Management --> BlackBerry Messenger --> Delete
    1. Note: some users experienced difficulties deleting BlackBerry Messenger; in such cases first try to install the latest version available from the BlackBerry App World and then delete it from there; for some reason the default "core" installation bundled with the OS isn't removable.
  2. Consult http://brattex.blogspot.com/2011/05/blackops-that-google-calendar-syncing.html for initial steps and for methods to backup your calendar. You can skip the steps on deleting service books (i.e. do not do steps 3 and 5) but follow the rest.
  3. After you've run Google Sync and verified that it's all in your default calendar ... reinstall BBM.
I would be really interested to know if this solution worked for you so please feel free to leave a comment below or give this a thumbs up, +1, like, etc.