27 December 2011

R200 for a wrong flag design?

People should honestly know better. Not only is this iPhone cover more expensive (at R200) than the rest (at R80) but it's got our beloved flag back to front!!

You're basically paying R200 to someone else to reward them for being stupid and you're also advertising to the (intelligent) rest of the world that you can't tell your left from your right and you're as stupid as the people that make this. In fact, if you own one, you're even more stupid than the designers because they've got your money for it and you're the one showing off how you were ripped off.


Anonymous said...

remember shembe is the way

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with soren?
why he act bi-polar all the time?

call he for a simple problem and he start banging the desk and computer and say "your'll got degrees, your'll must figure it out" or "your'll wanted admin rights" or "computer scientists are supposed to use linux" or "i'm not here to wipe your bums"

BUT whole time he'll spam everyone for zynga chips on facebook.

he must remember when we call him, he's the boy and we the baas.

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