27 December 2011

Dealify is dead ... Merry Christmas!

I kind of always knew this was inevitable but for some reason it still makes me a little bit sad. Dealify - one of the social buying sites and arguably the most innovative in terms of being the only one to advertise on TV - is dead. That's right. Dealify is dealifud.

I suspect there are more reasons than I can discuss here but one of the failings is possibly the fact that Dealify was the only one to venture out to mainstream media. Not really sure if it cost them too much to advertise or if it opened up people's eyes to the concept (and their competitors) but it's a pity because Dealify tried to break the mould.

Here's their site's explanation:

This is the end...

It's official, Dealify is closed!

Now, if you've bought a coupon recently don't panic, they're still valid
and our lovely client service lass is still working (very hard) to make
sure your experience with us remains a good one.

And if you're a merchant with concerns about payment, don't be! We promise
to make sure you're paid, after all we're backed by Naspers who's been
around for over 80 years.

If you're a customer and have any queries, questions or comments please
don't hesitate to get in touch on 0861 332 5439 or info@dealify.com

If you're a merchant and have any queries about payment please contact

From all of us at Dealify we'd like to thank YOU for being part of the
Dealify family.

We wish you the happiest holidays and a prosperous New Year.

Much love,

The D Team.

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