30 April 2010

brattex.blogspot.com is worth $4,000!

I recently googled for brattex.blogspot.com (not in a vane ego-stroking venture, but to see if the site was still blocked from dodgy people) and discovered this as one of the links:

Site Analysis of brattex.blogspot.com

Estimated value: $4,392


Really quite flattering, and probably inaccurate too ... I think it's probably based on $1 per visitor. Here's another valuation for my website (http://www.serpanalytics.com/sites/brattex.blogspot.com):

Approx. monthly SE traffic cost equivalent: $101.06
And apparently the post on "most expensive laptop" is worth about $97.69 in advertising?? Seems maybe I should consider becoming a google advertisement associate...

The Sam Fisher I knew is dead.

I just received the most dreadful sms to start my day - I'm still sick and now this terrible news!

------ SMS ------
From: +27820048640974
Sent: Apr 30, 2010 08:40
Subject: The Sam Fisher you knew is dead.

The Sam Fisher you knew is dead. Join Sam on his mission of Justice, Revenge & Conviction. Splinter Cell Conviction out now on PC.


I don't even think I knew Sam Fisher, which makes me feel even worse for him being dead now!

29 April 2010

Blogs gone private

Well it's been a long time since our last post to this blog: sadly, it's been two months of silence and the main reason for this has been that a very sorry group of people have found it worth their while and  (apparently limitless time) to scour through our blogs and extract any tidbits of information that they can use to harass us and generally just cause headaches. Yes, these people are connected to our High Court case, so it's no surprise that they've resorted to this nefarious (and based on the logs indicating their time spent on the site and their browsing habits, also desperately sad) approach in order to somehow "gain the upper hand". In order to err on the side of caution, we've had to take our blogs "off the grid" for the time being, but rather than keep you all in the dark, and because of popular demand, we've opened it up to a select list of readers (you should feel honoured that you made the cut!).

Don't expect much coming from us at the moment anyway, because we've been so used to NOT posting news that it's going to require some changes of habit, and also Kat and I are both presently desperately sick, so we're not really in the mood right now :)

A lot has happened in the past two months, and hopefully over the course of the next several weeks we'll be able to catch those that care back up to speed!

Superbru week 12

Wow. This was a crazy weekend for results. Cheetahs drew in a 25-25 match against the Chiefs. 0.05% of the SuperBru community predicted that, so that meant 45 people out of 70,000!! THEN the Stormers lost to the Reds (not as surprising), and then the Crusaders were downed by the Force (THAT was surprising).

68.57% win accuracy in Super 14

9,236/ 72,700

685/ 4,476

Geel Kabouters
5/ 33
(3 points behind 2nd place, and a possibly insurmountable 9 behind 1st place)
15/ 35
(5 points behind 2nd place, and a possibily insurmountable 10 behind 1st place)

595/ 2,246

3/ 12
(5 points behind 1st place, and 4 ahead of 4th)

24 April 2010

Portable FLASH plugin for portable Firefox

[ update: added in the location for FIREFOX portable plugins ]

Back in June 2009 I mentioned a way to run a portable SWF player; well, another need by an academic has caused me to investigate how to run a portable FLASH plugin from a portable browser, so I don't leave a footprint on the desktop PCs.

In my case, I'm very fond of portable Firefox, so I've incorporated the solution with this browser so anyone with a copy can simply take their browser anywhere, plug in their USB to any PC, and automatically have access to FLASH without needing to install anything more or have administrator privileges on the host PC.

It's not my solution (my colleague Soren grabbed it from here), but here I repeat it for your convenience.

Installing Flash Player Plugin on Firefox without having Administrator Access or Premissions

Last updated on Tue, 2010-02-02 16:43. Originally submitted by fabio on 2007-02-19 16:32.
UPDATE: The following guide, originally written for Firefox 2, has been used successfully on Firefox 3, Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6. Users of Firefox Portable edition (versions 3, 3.5 and 3.6) also have been successful using this guide.
The Windows computers available at my University permits login only by autenticated users (students) who don't have Administrator access and permissions.
Installing software on those PC is then not possible.
Recently they finally installed Firefox 2 but without the Flash plugins, which is absolutly useful/needed.
I then tryed to install the Flash Player using the "standard" way (click on the missing plugin link then install the plugin..). However without administrator plugins it was not possible to install.
Then I started doing some tests trying to install the plugin manually. Now I have it installed and working perfectly!
This is how I managed to install it without administrator permissions:
  1. Download the XPI archive of the Flash Player Plugin to your hard disk (right click on the download link then "Save link as.."). XPI archives are only ZIP files containing the files used by the plugins.
  2. So you can safely rename the file you just downloaded, called flashplayer-win.xpi, into flashplayer-win.zip (you are changing its extension from .xpi to .zip)
  3. Extract the files in the archive. You can use any program capable of opening .zip files (WinZip, WinRAR or the free and great 7-zip). There are also websites which can uncompress archives: wobzip.org.
  4. Copy the files flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll to %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Plugins\

    • %APPDATA% is not a real folder. It's an alias. By inserting it in your windows explorer address bar, you'll be redirected to the real folder which holds your applications profiles and settings. The location of this folder depends on various setting that's why we need the alias and not an absolute path.
      • ...\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableTest\Data\plugins
    • You can open this folder simply choosing "Start → Run → Type in %APPDATA% → OK".
    • In case you don't have a Plugins folder you can create one and place your files there.
  5. Restart Firefox
  6. Enjoy your flash websites!

22 April 2010

Superbru Week 11

69.84% win accuracy in Super 14

11,648 / 72,572

787 / 4,469

Geel Kabouters
7 / 33

15 / 35

716 / 2,236

3 / 12

I'm sucking it up now :( although having said that, it's very tight in the positions I'm in, so a small shift could see my fortunes change! Biggest disappointment is that I'm in 7th in one money league so I'm dragging behind, although again there's less than 3 points between my spot and 3rd (which is a purse)! In SuperDraw there's 5 points between my place and 3rd (this pool is winner-takes-all I think).

Superbru Week 10

70.18% win accuracy in Super 14

12,060 / 72,249

825 / 4,451

Geel Kabouters 
7 / 33

15 / 35

691 / 2,192

3 / 12

09 April 2010

Superbru Week 9

72.55% win accuracy in Super 14

7,397/ 72,149 

525/ 4,448 

Geel Kabouters 
5/ 33 

12/ 35 

459/ 2,185 

2/ 12 

Getting closer to prize money and top of the bru's table!