30 April 2010

brattex.blogspot.com is worth $4,000!

I recently googled for brattex.blogspot.com (not in a vane ego-stroking venture, but to see if the site was still blocked from dodgy people) and discovered this as one of the links:

Site Analysis of brattex.blogspot.com

Estimated value: $4,392


Really quite flattering, and probably inaccurate too ... I think it's probably based on $1 per visitor. Here's another valuation for my website (http://www.serpanalytics.com/sites/brattex.blogspot.com):

Approx. monthly SE traffic cost equivalent: $101.06
And apparently the post on "most expensive laptop" is worth about $97.69 in advertising?? Seems maybe I should consider becoming a google advertisement associate...

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