26 May 2012

Inserting Landscape and Portrait pages into the same Document

Maybe I'm alone here, and if that is the case then I am highly humbled, but I've been using MS Word and other word processing software since the late 80's or early 90's and I've never known how to insert a portrait-oriented page into a landscape-oriented document, or vice versa.

Finally plucking up the courage to find out how to do this, I found one page (no doubt of many) that tells you how to achieve this -


It's actually pretty easy - just define new section breaks and format those sections the way you want them! In MS Word 2010 it's a bit different to the instructions listed here;

  • Select the beginning of the section to format
  • Page Layout
  • Breaks => Next Page
  • Go to the end of the section to format
  • Page Layout
  • Breaks => Next Page
  • Then select the section and go to Orientation => Landscape / Portrait

24 May 2012

Happy 35th birthday, Star Wars!

Friday, 25 May, marks the 35th birthday for Star Wars!

How will you be celebrating this auspicious occasion that marks the birth of the greatest sci-fi saga a long time ago?

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