28 January 2011


Having some memory problems or CPU slow-downs and you have Adobe Reader installed? If you've found a pesky process called LOGTRANSPORT2.EXE running, then chances are it's consuming up to 1GB of RAM. If you end the process, it just comes back. Here's how to finally remove it once-and-for-all if you don't want to replace Adobe Reader with another PDF reader (and note: it won't affect functionality of anything on your system).

  1. Load up Adobe Reader, and go to Help and Improvement Program Options.
  2. Select No, thank you.
  3. That's it!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very Much
Frustrated Laptop user!!!

lance said...

well done that man, thanks for sharing. fixed my laptop throwing heat out for days until i found this.

Roy Grubb said...

Just to update this, the above no longer works (or maybe my version (Adobe Acrobe Reader DC) is different. To find that control, I went to Edit > Preferences > Usage Information > Yes, I would like to share anonymous information on how I use Adobe Reader, and unchecked it. Jan 2016

Simon Bennett said...

Further update. I have Adobe Creative Cloud, which I had to download in order to have a trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro. I have only had the LogTransport2.exe problem since then. To tell Adobe I don't want to share my usage data, I had to go to Help > Preferences > Adobe Online Services and log into my Adobe account and change the setting under Security and Privacy.
Creative Cloud also installed three sets of processes in Windows Startup that I have now disabled.

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting your comment. I was able to find privacy settings very quick.