06 May 2010

Superbru Week 13

Ouch. Things are getting suckier for me as we near the end of the competition. My devout loyalties to the Sharks hurt me this weekend when it was an effective "no-brainer" that the Bulls would win. After the Hurricanes game, though, I can't possibly bet against the Sharks. When they are winning I start wishing my superbru will kick in. And besides, it's obvious EVERYONE will pick Stormers this weekend so it would be even more gut-wrenchingly sickening if the Sharks pulled it off. Unlikely, but I'm going to back my side anyway.

66.23% win accuracy in Super 14

Global 15,026 / 72,864

Sharks 973 / 4,481

Geel Kabouters 10 / 33
I'm on 69.25, and 2nd is 74.58 and 1st is 80.58 - not out of the money just yet :(

SuperDraw2010 17 / 35
I'm on 66.50 and 2nd is 73.83 and 1st is 78.67 so again there's hope for 2nd at least... :(

Sport24 867 / 2,253

SuperBraai 3 / 12
I'm on 71.50 and 2nd is 76.75 and 1st is 81.33 - it's those damned BP... check it out:

3Brattex Player is the chairman of this pool65.56.0071.50
5baas oltman60.07.8367.83
7Jonny G63.04.5067.50
10wezflash wezflash won the yellow cap in this pool in round 1256.05.5061.50

It's obvious that mRp's BP is stealing the show... I'm now also down to 3rd on the global standings because of my dull performances. Two weekends to go and I need to snatch up some more GSP :)

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