12 July 2011

Telkom ADSL special 18 July

Finally, things are beginning to look up for South African broadband. We've got loads of special offers on the mobile broadband front, the local loop is going to be unbundled "soon" (although ICASA is shifting the goal posts, yet again), and 512kbps has been upgraded free of charge to 1Mbps and bandwidth is getting cheaper and cheaper.

The news of the moment is the countdown to Telkom's DSL upgrade special happening on the 18th of July. If you sign up for a new line installation from the 18th of July you'll get the following:

  • FREE refurbished ADSL modem
  • 5GB bandwidth for three months FREE
  • 1Mbps ADSL line for three months FREE
  • FREE line installation
All you are going to pay for is the residential line rental (which is around R133 per month). That's it. Three months at a total of R500 will get you 15GB, 1Mbps ADSL, an ADSL "modem", and a line installed. 

When I queried Telkom on the catch about a contract they said you will just have to decide at the end of the three months whether or not to keep the service. My strategy will be to migrate to SAOL at that point and reduce my line rental costs (but sadly also downgrade to the embarassing 384kbps speed).

This truly is a great day for ADSL users. Even if you have an existing line you can have a new line set up for three months and pay R133'ish per month which alone is cheaper than running a 1Mbps line anyway so everyone scores. Order five lines and you will get 25GB bandwidth, 1Mbps on each of them, five modems, and only pay R2,500.00 for the service ;-)


oltman said...

just to add to this: the basic Telkom telephone line rental (required for some unknown reason) has increased to R139.97.

Slimonavitch said...

ADSL checker:

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