07 September 2011

FREE Xbox 360 game: Crimson Alliance

It isn't every day that something comes along for free but when those rare days come, you can be guaranteed that I'm there like a ravenous bear.

Tonight I've found Crimson Alliance for free on Xbox LIVE - approximately 1GB of game and all completely for no cost besides your bandwidth.

It's an action-RPG adventure supporting up to four local co-op players as well as online co-op. No idea about whether it's any good or not but anything for free can't be all that bad, right? :)


oltman said...

There's been a lot of talk about whether or not Crimson Alliance is free or a "free-to-play" game. Tom Potter, production manager and content lead on the game, jumped on our forum to explain:

"I’ve seen a few sites buzzing that Crimson Alliance is accidentally available for FREE and that you better grab it now before Microsoft realizes the error and fixes the mistake! I've also heard that CA is a free-to-play title. Clearly there is some confusion about how the game is being offered I think this is a good opportunity to clear the confusion.

In Crimson Alliance the trial experience and the full game are essentially one and the same. The only things locked are the characters and how much content they can play. In solo play, characters can play the first three levels and save all progress. In multiplayer, they can play any level in the game, save progress, but are limited to a 15 minutes session.

Buying a Class Pack gives you a fully licensed character or characters depending on which offer you choose. Fully licensed characters can play all of the content in the main game. The version of the game labeled “FREE” on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace is essentially a “shell” containing both the trial experience and the full campaign. So to play the game you'll need to download the FREE game first. And then purchase a class pack.

So hopefully we’re not bursting too many bubbles when we say that Crimson Alliance is neither for free or a free to play game."

Thanks for clearing that up, Tom!

Graeme said...

Yeah, it's only free in as much as every trial version of an XLBA game is free.

There's been a bit of additional confusion because if you bought all 5 Summer of Arcade Games, then MS will give you Crimson Alliance for free by sending you an unlock code for the full game.

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