14 August 2011

Nando's outdoes themselves - AGAIN!

Most people know I'm a Nando's fanatic. I mean, it's arguably the healthiest takeaway there is, not to mention their peri-peri sauce helps to burn fat and reduce cholesterol (the properties of their variant of chilli used in the sauce).

I'm a massive fan of the strips, rice, veg meal box for R24.95 and I also get the added bonus of cash back if I use my DISCOVERY credit card (12% back at the moment). Add on to that my peri-peri passionate card and every four meals I score a freebie!

Tonight it was the free burger or large salad to take home. I flashed my loyalty card and the manageress came by a while later to point out the card is no longer valid; Nando's has cancelled the promotion. She showed me the fine print and I couldn't argue with her (not that I would have if there was a legitimate cut-off date anyway).

To my surprise she then flashed up a free burger on the till and paid for it herself!! She said she would honour the voucher herself even though Nando's head-office wouldn't allow her to do it at Nando's cost. I was stunned into silence and I am overly impressed! I didn't ask for it and she volunteered it of her own accord!

To the manageress of Nando's WESTWOOD - thank you! Awesome service! I am definitely a loyal patron!

R25 has earned you my loyalty, card or not :)

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