23 November 2009

XBOX360 in South Africa: buying MICROSOFT POINTS

Most people are cheap-skates. Let's be honest, it is most probably every man's innate gift to humankind to want to save a buck. Likewise, it is also probably every man's desire to want to play computer games. Merge the two together, and every man wants to save a buck while playing computer games.

Enter Microsoft with their XBOX360, and GOLD membership requirements, and we are faced with a quandary - how does one save money, while still enjoying good solid online gameplay with buddies? Moreover, how does a South African guy get MS Points when our credit cards are not valid on the UK sites?

Enter MSPoints.co.za.

Although I'm not a user or member of MS Points (and therefore can't verify or vouch for them), it's the first time I've seen a local solution to our international problem. In the past, I've had to buy points or memberships through EBay and the like (and it's always been successful, only sometimes it's taken some time to get my codes), but maybe this is an easier way for many to get the job done without too much fretting? Who knows, but I thought it was worth the mention...

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Graeme said...

I know you seem to have had issues with www.live-codes.co.uk, but they've never given me any problems, delivery is probably just as "instant", and it's over R30 cheaper for 2100 points at the current exchange rate, so I wouldn't bother with MSPoints.co.za.

You can get things even cheaper from eBay, but you have to hunt around a bit and sometimes it isn't worth the ten or twenty bucks or you can save.