30 November 2009

The Visitors have arrived

Wow, it feels like I'm reliving the 80's all over again, only this time as an adult, rather than a kid. Let's see, we've had Battlestar Galactica redone in a "modern" version (which I thoroughly loved), we've had the Star Wars series "redone in a modern version" (not as great as the first trilogy), we've had Knight Rider (funky intro, just as campy as before), a retcon Star Trek (great), plus so many more, and now... The Visitors are back! I really am excited about this one, if it can live up to the standards of the BSG transformation, it'll be AWESOME!

What's next? Macgyver? The A-Team? No, uh, sorry, that one's already being redone...

Check out the YOUTUBE trailers below... and remember, they are of peace - always!

Longer version:

Shorter version with a few extra action scenes:

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