17 November 2009

I like big buildings and I cannot lie

For anyone interested (thanks, mom), I am a huge fan of huge buildings.

I can't even begin to express the joy I'm containing inside me at the thought of going to New York City at the end of this year. If I had any possible way, I'd be going to Chicago too - even if just for a day to admire the buildings. This whole trip is my biggest dream; to witness the biggest dreams in reality! I can't wait!

In preparation for our journey, and to try and convince the missus that we should at least pop in at Chicago, I've been doing some digging for photographs and illustrations of skyscrapers in the USA, and came across some really interesting websites on the whole thing. Read on if you're the engineering type, or like big things...
First thing's first, let's get started with what's around Chicago area... man, aren't these buildings beautiful? I can't explain it, but to me they're absolutely stunning!! Of course, we won't be there in the sunny months; we're arriving in the middle of winter (average range is -9 to -1 °C), so it's going to be a lot less pleasant than this I fear (these were probably taken ca. June where the temperature is in the range of 18 and 27 °C)... but check out these pictures! Who can resist going up the Willis (ne Seers) Tower? 

and plenty more about Chicago here: http://www.chicagoarchitecture.info/Search.php
and here: http://skyscraperpage.com/diagrams/?cityID=4 (lists ALL skyscrapers in Chicago)

When I get a chance, I'll fill you in on some more of my tall building fetish :)

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