11 November 2009

My name's BrYan, and I'm a British Citizen

Happiness is!

I decided to make one last effort to hunt down my British Passport before embarking on the arduous (and otherwise expensive) application for a US Visa for our trip in December. I decided to go back to my mom's place one last time, and get passport hunting...

The room is darkened now from a failed light, so Kat had to dig up a handheld torch and go into the abyss that is my cluttered room (and damp from leaking ground water) and search all the rubbish for a little red book. We both said individual prayers beforehand (unbeknownst to each other) and lo and behold, she came back triumphant! My mom did, of course, assist - and she had tried for a while but to no avail. Nonetheless, these ladies did a superb job! Hurrah!

I can now embark on my journey to the USA without the need for a VISA, AND I can renew my British Passport without hefty fines or problems!

See this sexy man in his 20's (21 to be precise):

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