17 November 2009

Star Wars remembers... the Death Star

Let's be honest; when we watched Luke Skywalker pretty much single-handedly destroy the Death Star in Episode IV, none of us spared a thought for the thousands of people aboard the Death Star at the time; possibly some were vehement opponents to the empire, but were just going to work on the battle station as contractors to fix a leaking water pipe so they could feed their families, or maybe they were there to inspect the station's Inter-Galactic Peace-Initiative compliance - no matter, I don't think any warm-blooded kid that's seen this moment in the series wept for the lost lives of thousands on board the station - if anything, we didn't weep, we whooped!

This little YOUTUBE video is a comical look at "the other side" of the story, done in the same vein as "USA remembers 9/11", so check it out, bearing in mind the context is along the 9/11 memorial type of vibe...


... "You're drones! You're drones!"

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