30 October 2010

Taking full advantage of Afrihost's FREE 1GB offer

(want to save on AFRIHOST? http://tinyurl.com/AFRIHOSTsavings)

I may be a Christian (in fact, I am a Christian), which means I am an honest guy as far as I can help it, but it doesn't stop me from still being blessed (or cursed?) with a crafty mind.

You see, free things and me go together like mustard sauce and a boerie roll. If there's a way to score free stuff, or to save, I'll figure it out.

So with the latest craze of free ADSL bandwidth being dished out by AFRIHOST, I came to realise that if you are already an AFRIHOST subscriber, you get 1GB free every month automatically now. What else I already know is if you are buying 1GB or 2GB or 5GB from AFRIHOST per month, it costs nothing different per GB. In fact, as I've always advised my customers and friends: rather just get the 1GB AFRIHOST account and opt for an auto-top-up to your preferred limit. That's the first and most honest way to save money with AFRIHOST.

The second money-saving tip is this one:

With AFRIHOST dishing out free 1GB to every existing customer, everyone already wins if they're a member of the AFRIHOST Elite. For some, like me, I happen to have TWO 1GB accounts under my name, so when this special kicked in, I scored 2 free GB of bandwidth (and I don't think it's port-locked since the contracted accounts let you have concurrent logins) - this translates to 2 * 1GB bandwidth usable ANYWHERE!
  • The 1GB FREE ADSL is port-locked to a specific number so you can't use it outside of the number you registered it for
  • Existing subscribers also get 1GB additional and it goes onto your existing contract which in my case is NOT port-locked and supports concurrent logins.
  • If you run 2 * 1GB accounts it's the same cost as running 1 * 2GB account.
    A more extreme example,:if you run 5 * 1GB accounts it's the same cost as running 1 * 5GB account.

    The bonus comes in with the way this special is implemented by AFRIHOST:
    • If you have 1 * 2GB account, you get 1GB free = 3GB (2+1) per month now for R58
    • If you have 2 * 1GB accounts, you get 1GB free per account = 4GB (2+2) per month for R58
    • If you have 1 * 5GB account, it's 6GB (5+1) for R145 per month
    • If you have 5 * 1GB accounts, it's 10GB (2+2+2+2+2) for R145 per month
  • See where I'm going?
Another interesting tidbit is you can sign up with GMAIL accounts and use your email address as with the "+" alias, for example:
  • joe_soap@gmail.com
  • joe_soap+2@gmail.com
  • joe_soap+3@gmail.com
And so on, and earn yourself additional free accounts.

Of course, I don't condone exploiting AFRIHOST since it will only kill them and mean we don't get such favorably revolutionary deals in the future, but I do want to point out that if you're a subscriber, WHY are you paying the full amount every month when instead you could just be paying the MINIMUM amount and still not be preventing yourself from the enjoyment of the full service IF and when you use it (at which point you pay for what you use)? Likewise, if you go the economical route, you can actually double your bandwidth per month for FREE and use it concurrently anywhere you like!

1 comment:

oltman said...

very sneaky indeed :)

but i would pay the few extra rands just so i dont have to configure my router every few days in order to switch between accounts... i am lazy like that.