28 October 2010


There have been others to offer free bandwidth before, but this I believe is the first service to offer 1GB free and it's tied into your existing contract (ie. Free bandwidth as a reward for staying loyal), or 1GB free overall, so that's a sweet deal in the context of South African bandwidth right now!

Afrihost is sure doing their brand promotion right (first R29/GB and then BOGOF top-ups and now free ADSL).

Grab it while you can!



oltman said...

by the time you posted this it has already been sold out... well, given away really as it is not sold...

BrYan (aka Brattex) said...

True, but at least it gives you a heads up to get onto the waiting list AND also notifies any current subscribers that they've scored a free GB for "life" with Afrihost. Incidentally, if anyone out there reads this and signed up for a free GB account, send me the form's layout if you can recall, and I'll post it up as a heads-up for everyone else :) ... but I doubt anyone reads this blog anyway :-P