21 October 2010

It's all in the Genes this Friday

Wednesday 20 October was National Down Syndrome Day, and the theme this year was "It's all in the Genes".

Down Syndrome is the largest single cause of intellectual disabilities affecting one in every 650 children born each year, and it is vital to raise awareness and make a difference to change society's preconceived ideas and prejudices on Down Syndrome.

Support the Down Syndrome Association of South Africa this Friday 22 October by wearing jeans and paying a 'fine' of R5 to DSA KZN for doing so. There are also skin mark tattoos available at R5 each. Let's help and raise awareness and assist in this important initiative. 

You can call the DSA on 031-464-2055 to get involved.

For those that know Kat and I personally, you know that our whole perspective on Down Syndrome has recently been shifted quite dramatically, so we are passionate about this sort of awareness drive, and also speak from experience when we say that it's as far from your mind as everything else until it's thrust into your lives. Regardless of other factors, I can confidently say that my understanding and appreciation for how Down Syndrome affects lives has changed completely recently - and I am pleased to say that my change has been for the better! Please, consider the simple action of wearing jeans this Friday and show your support for raising awareness. It's very unlikely that you will choose to think about this genetic disorder unless / until it becomes a very real aspect of your lives, but I encourage you to not wait for something to happen before your prejudices and ideas are transformed! There's so much that can be improved in society if ordinary people just take the time to sincerely think about others and work at understanding the mysterious, usually unthinkable, sides of human life.

Below is a photo of the article in this week's Highway Mail.

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