20 May 2011

GCalToolkit for Google Calendar remedies

GCalToolkit is a Power Tool for Google Calendar that helps to remove duplicates from your Google Calendars and also cleans up failed imports / syncs in a few clicks.

GCalToolkit comes packaged in a few options including a free six month trial download for Windows, a Full subscription-based license (one or two years), and a limited online tool. For my own needs I found the online tool was good enough and did what I needed and in fact this is the major selling point for me: specifically, the online tool can be used on Mac, Linux, Windows, etc. Of course the offline versions offer a few more functions than the online tool.

The website for GCalToolkit lists the features as follows:

  • Remove any number of duplicate events in minutes
  • Clean up failed Syncs/Imports with ease
  • Delete events between specified dates
  • Delete events by the date they were created in Google Calendar
  • Delete events based on text/dates filters
  • Undo any Changes you make (windows software only)
  • Search/Replace text in the Title, Summary, Location fields (win only)
  • Save/Continue an editing session (please see "Google Quota" below)
  • Need GCalToolkit to do something else? Let me know.
  • FREE TRIAL - Online Tool max 500 events / Windows software max 6 months
  • In a rush? Don't trust yourself to get it right? For $99, I DO IT ALL FOR YOU!
To use the online tool (which I recommend) you will need to associate the service with your Google Account. Check it out and see for yourself how useful it can be. I strongly recommend (as does the developer) to backup your calendar(s) first (check here for tips on how to do this). Of course, remember to disassociate the service when you're done if you feel security-conscious although I think it will time out automatically after twenty minutes.

1 comment:

KateY Johnston said...

yay my stupid duplicate events are gone! all 4000 of them...saved me a lot of time I would have spent deleting them individually.