13 May 2011

Free pizza slice - grab them while you can!

In some cases there really is such a thing as free pizza. And Wicount in conjunction with Scooters Musgrave is offering such a deal.

Follow this link to find out the skinny on what's what.

Basically you just need to sign up to Wicount and you qualify - the coupon you receive is valid until 15 November 2011 so even if you have no inclination of going to Musgrave just to grab the slice, I suggest you do it anyway because the worst that could happen is you don't redeem the voucher. The best is that you are in the area and are in dire need of a slice of pizza, in which case you pop in with your coupon code on your phone, blurt it out, and go home filled with pizza goodness. Of course, somewhere in between those extremes are possibilities like you can't leave Gauteng (or London, for that matter) but you can still register for a free slice and then email me the code and I'll promise to do my best to redeem it to feed some needy and hungry street children, etc.

I really think if you aren't going to take advantage of this for yourself, you should at least consider taking advantage of it for those that really need a meal (and in this case a treat!).

If I weren't such an honest guy I'd even suggest creating a whole bunch of "fake email" accounts to really extort Scooters Musgrave out of their livelihood, but I'm not that kind of dishonest guy and I think Scooters should be rewarded for their cut-throat marketing, and not ruined because of it.

The low down of the special is after this bar...

Durban Deal for May 13th.
(Live on site until 23:59 May 22nd 2011)
(Wicount valid until November 15th 2011)

Wicount loves our Durbanites! Get your FREE Extra Large Pizza slice from Scooters Pizza Musgrave (worth up to R16.90)

Wicount loves our Durbanites! Get your FREE mega pizza slice from Scooters Musgrave (valued at R16.90)
Man, we’re hungry. Are you hungry? Maybe you’re not aching for a bite just yet, but soon it’ll be lunchtime and you know what that means, don’t you? It means your tummy will start rumbling, your mouth will start watering and you’ll need to get out of the office and into a delish meal as fast as you can. When that happens, make sure you have this deal. Scooters Pizza in Musgrave Mall is offering up a free slice of pizza, worth up to R16.90. Yes, we said free. We can’t even contain our excitement!
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting free stuff. It feels like dancing on rainbows, swimming in dreams, walking with bunny rabbits, sharing a milkshake with a fairy... did we go too far? Oh well. Free stuff is the business. And when that free stuff happens to be hot, tasty, and fast it’s even better. Today’s deal will let you get a free Extra Large Pizza slice from Scooters Pizza! Hoorah! Scooters Pizza has opened up a new store in Musgrave Mall, where their new grab-‘n-go concept is booming. The new, modern store is all about convenience; customers will get to choose from a mouth-watering and fresh selection of pizza slices, paninis and salads, all of which will be in your mouth within four minutes of you ordering them. That fast enough for you? They’ll also be making all their usual favourite pizzas as well, so you can order and collect them as normal. Plus, when you get your free slice, we suggest you try out their new freshly-ground, quality coffee.
Do we really need to say anything more? It’s the perfect lunch; compact, delicious and free. We reckon you take the whole office along and spend the rest of the day being patted on the back by your colleagues. 

Count Wi says:

“Free? See ya!” 
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Company Details:
Scooters Musgrave 
Shop 333
 Level 3 food court,
below the movies
115 Musgrave Road
031 201 1643/1971


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