17 May 2011

BlackBerry madness UNLEASHED!

In my life, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that when it rains, it pours.

Take my BlackBerry for example: my mail server died about a week ago and was just brought up again on a new DNS and at the very same time migrated over to a GOOGLE APPS server, so my mail server is now sparkling new and shiny (and oh so nice). 
A mail server migration is in itself quite a big thing. Tack on a faulty cellphone that is white screening all the time since Easter (which may or may not be related to my long drive to Cradock during which time my phone battery died [from being on GPS constantly] and hasn’t been the same since) and also the timely opportunity to upgrade my contract (and get a new phone) and face the slow conclusion to my twenty-four month warranty on said faulty phone. All in all, I’d say it’s pouring! 
To have a faulty phone is bad enough. 
To have a mail server die is bad enough. 
To migrate a mail server is nerve-wracking enough. 
To have to endure South African "service" and figure out what upgrade to take is frustrating enough. 
To have to service a phone before its warranty expires is inconvenient enough. 
Add these all together in the space of one week and you have a nightmarish storm of grand proportions. My life isn't raining - it isn't pouring - it’s hailing!
With such epic storm clouds come some rather epic silver linings and for those out there that use BlackBerry handsets, expect a flurry of posts from me with tips and tricks for your handset. If you're a Sa'ffer then all the better for you because these should hopefully make your life with a BlackBerry all the more interesting.
So please don't overlook my BlackBerry tips 'n' tricks section, which I've affectionately called "BlackOps".

Coming soon!

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