16 February 2011


[ UPDATE: 13 Feb 2012 ]

If you want the 2012 fixtures calendar check out this post: http://brattex.blogspot.com/2012/02/super-15-rugby-fixtures-calendar-2012.html

[ UPDATE: 28 Feb 2011 12:40pm]

There was a glitch with the fixtures for 11 March landing up on 1 March instead. Have fixed that so please update your calendars if it isn't set to synch.

[ UPDATE: 17 Feb 2011 11:40pm]

The downloadable calendar somehow has a region timezone error and adds a double +2 for South African calendars, so everything was starting 2 hours later than it should have. 

I've now created a whole new calendar that works properly when importing into GOOGLE CALENDAR, and as an extra bonus I've included the play-offs at the end and the proper durations  (i.e. start and stop times) for each match. I'll admit I also considered renaming "Durban" to "Kings Park!!" but decided in the end to try to remain professional in case someone else used my stuff. 

Click here to download the CSV file for importing into your favourite calendar application

[ END OF UPDATE: 17 Feb 2011 11:40pm ]

If you want to add the Super Rugby Calendar for 2011 to your (insert technology here) then follow these links to grab the GOOGLE CALENDAR. I've shared it so you should be able to grab it directly and link to it.

Note: This has been verified to work with GOOGLE CALENDAR and BLACKBERRY OS5.* and upwards.

* you can add iCal format calendars directly into your GOOGLE CALENDAR account by loading up calendar.google.com and then at the bottom under "Other calendars" clicking Add by URL.


* you can bookmark this on any device that has an HTML browser and you'll always have the calendar directly at your fingertips.
** I've set up a tinyurl to point to the calendar, and it's located at: 

I can't take all the credit for this, I found the rugbyoracle wordpress and took the calendar from there, but it didn't import (the steps are included there if you want to go straight to the source and try for yourself) so I had to do some tweaking to get it working. Thanks also to The Robert Group Financial Advisor blogspot that also helped point me to the source.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the calendar. (But what is with LEGO CLONE WARS this weekend...?)

BrYan (aka Brattex) said...

Yes, a slight glitch between my BlackBerry sync and my calendars. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Everything is fine ,but all those calendars are not really as one would expect them to be in 2011. there is and idea online based calendar updating scores from whatever source,anything else i found so far it is just a piece of paper in the electronic format.

BrYan (aka Brattex) said...

Not sure I understand: are you saying you want a calendar that updates scores automatically or that there is already one out there?

Robert said...

Thanks alot for this!