21 February 2011

Free Steam Games List

A buddy of mine reminded me of this site, and he wants to share the love, so I'm sharing the love on my blog :)


At the time of writing (and as Oltman points out, last updated 2011/01/23) the list included, amongst others:

For all Steam users:
Alien Swarm: install - storefront
America's Army 3: install - storefront
BattleForge [1][4][7]: install
Between [1][4]: install - storefront
Codename Gordon: install
COIL [1]: install - storefront
Mightier [1]: install - storefront
Moonbase Alpha: install - storefront
Peggle Extreme: install - storefront
Sam & Max: Episode 4: install - storefront
Spacewar: install
TrackMania Nations Forever [2]: install - storefront

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