21 February 2011

Software: DisplayFusion

It's the 21st century now and if you spend your entire (working) life at a computer desk, you'll probably find yourself benefiting from running dual screen. One monitor is your "regular" and "always-on" applications (i.e. email, usually) and the other monitor is your "occasional" applications (i.e. IM, random browsing, and such). If you're a serious I.T. big-wig (i.e. "nerd") then you'll probably find multi-tasking is a whole lot easier with dual-screen: application development or systems administration is just a lot simpler with two or more monitors. The major hurdle is often how to quickly and easily shift displays across, aside, above, below. This is where DisplayFusion steps in!

Image used without permission but for promotional purposes so it's okay :)

* if you don't use multi-screen, jump to the bottom of the post for tips on how DisplayFusion can still benefit your sad single-screen life...

DisplayFusion claims that it will "make your multi-monitor life much easier" and it really does! Some of the features include:

  • Multi-monitor taskbar
  • Advanced Wallpaper Management
  • Window Snapping
  • ... and so much more
Of course, many of these features come at a price, but for the sake of my post, I will focus on the FREE stuff, since most of my followers (read: friends and family) are cheap-skates :)
  • Different image on each monitor
  • HotKeys (for move, size, span, "always on top", transparency)
    • Includes move to centre, move to next monitor, size and move to bottom/left/right/top
    • This is worth the whole application IMHO and is also as useful on a single screen scenario.
  • Customisable TitleBar Button
  • Toggle Window Edge Snapping

... and like I alluded to earlier: if you don't own multiple screens on your current setup, you should still find the HotKeys for moving and sizing the window very helpful, and I really think this feature alone is worth the download!

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