17 July 2009

Removing intel graphics tray context options

If you manage a bunch of desktops (like I do), you always have one or two idiots that decide to fiddle. In this particular case, the Intel graphics driver updates force a context-menu in the right-click on the DESKTOP and this gives the kiddies the joys of rotating the screen and freaking out the other users who are none the wiser for it.

Thankfully, Intel has given us an option to remove this context-menu, even though I'd prefer it even more that they didn't default install the darned thing. Check out this page (or google for the title above) and you should find the REG file to update the registry and stop those kiddies from messing with your screens.


Hokemon said...

Don't forget the keyboard shortcuts - we've blocked just about every loophole on our software to stop people fiddling behind the scenes, like ctrl-alt-del and the start key, but I wasn't anticipating being woken up by a confused client at 2am when his screen was tilted 90 degrees to the left! I think it's ctrl+shift+arrow keys or something. You can disabl them though.

BrYan (aka Brattex) said...

Thanks! Ja, I'll look into the keyboard shortcuts. We've done a whole lot of GPEDIT stuff (Group Policy) but I'm starting to be attracted towards using SteadyState to reduce my hassles... I think mine is disabled because I don't have keyboard shortcuts enabled though, because I've tried CTRL+ALT+UP ARROW ...


BrYan (aka Brattex) said...


(useful one I think)