25 July 2009


Aaah such good memories of my youth! Star Wars! LEGO!

Finally, it is getting the shelf-space and attention that it deserves!

I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of original series selection (you need the 10 year anniversary badge of Darth Vader) and a lot of the Clone Wars stuff is just rehashed preludes to the "modern" stuff. The Twilight looks like a B-wing. The AT-AP Walker is a baby AT-AT. The AT-TE Walker is a baby AT-AT (R1199!!!).

I'd snap up Echo Base @ R399 except you only get a Hoth Han Solo. Ditto for Darth Vader's TIE Fighter - only Darth Vader (and I've already got him on my key ring).

Ah well. One can only hope they get more variety of the classics! It's apparently a re-run celebrating ten years of LEGO STAR WARS stuff (1999-2009).

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