17 July 2009

The day that was the mark of the end of the week that was the first week or something...

I don't even know why I'm posting this post, but I guess these are the days that mark the hourglass sand-falling moments of our lives, or something...

AND BEFORE ANYONE judges me for posting while I should be working, I am waiting for an image to do its thing, so I have some time, okay?

First off, let's start at the beginning. Today I did a daily reading with Kat this morning, and it was Psalm 127. Brief, pointed, but a little scary :) God can be a little more obvious to us than we would prefer, sometimes! If you want to know what I'm talking about, go and read the Bible you heathen!!

On another point, there is much else going on in the world today that warrants attention, and here are just a few that caught mine eye (and don't justify any attention at all :)):

  1. Harry Potter 6 (AKA Half Blood Prince) is absolutely ghastly. I mean, honestly. I am not a fan of Harry Potter by any stretch of the imagination (and it takes a big stretch to enjoy his films, or probably even the books, which I also vehemently refuse to read because they sound like bollocks), but I picked watching it over "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" (please withhold your applause for later).

    Basically, the movie was almost three hours of utter boredom with a mild dollop of teen-angst and relationship blunders in the middle. Kat found it hilarious about the overly-obsessed girl running after Harry's sidekick, because it reminded her of our youth and a certain Stephanie pining after me. Yeah, whatever. Apart from the typical teenage / high-school antics (which were entertaining) the movie felt utterly predictable, boring, and sensationalist with a very wafer-thin plot and twists that should rather be called twosts because you can't ever figure them out from the clues in the movie (I called it predictable, didn't I? Wow, that's a twost in my review if ever there was one). The main problem is, I skipped HP5 and went onto HP6 and still figured out after a few minutes that my favourite actor in the franchise (Alan) wasn't half as bad as he makes out in the movie (oops, did I spoil it for someone?)... but anyway, go and waste your own three hours and figure it out for yourself - don't say I didn't warn you! I give it a four out of ten, because I'm in a good mood, and because I had tons of Waterfall Cinema popcorn to keep me sane.

  2. Prince Adam, Princess Adora, Trap-Jaw, Man-E-Faces, Mer-Man, Stratos, Battle Cat, Zodak, Ram Man, Orko, Moss Man, Gwildor, Eternia... oh, by the power of Grayskull (sic)!

    Yes, if you're old enough, you'll be smiling at least a little bit right about now. I did some nostalgia browsing (ah man, nostalgia ain't what it used to be) and decided after having watched all these spin-off movies from a currently imagination-challenged Hollywood that they were bound to be making another retcon / reboot of another old movie based on a successful toy-line or series. Didn't that happen with, um, most of the recent movies? Lord of the Rings (wow, that's a risky movie - the fan base is tiny), Spiderman (ditto - would anyone really buy into a mutant spider guy that can fight villains in New York City), Star Trek (ditto - I don't know guys, ten previous movies and more than five spin-off series tells me this is a risk we can't afford to take), Transformers (ditto * 2). They're mostly just redeux versions of classic 80's movies or series when the lack of CGI back then meant people had to be daring and take chances on movies, and not nowadays cash in on an already-established franchise and just chuck in copious amounts of CGI to make it look amazing, and get the kiddies frothing to watch it years in advance thanks to loads of viral-advertising beforehand. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA IS AN EXCEPTION BECAUSE IT WAS CANCELLED BACK IN THE 80'S AND THE STORY NEEDED TO BE CONCLUDED, OKAY??? Anyway, I digress. Where was I? Oh yes...

    He-Man is coming back!! I must admit, despite the reservations I have that it will stick to the canon, the cast sounds exciting - Jessica Biel (Teela), Brendan Gleeson (Man-at-Arms - I wouldn't have anyone else, except maybe Arnie), Mickey Rourke (Ram-Man), Dwayne Johnson AKA THE ROCK (Stratos), Frank Langella (again as Skeletor), Anne Hathaway (Evil-Lyn), Gary Oldman (Trap Jaw), Andy Serkis (AKA Gollum) as Mer-Man, and last - but not least - Ron Perlman as BEASTMAN (what movie is complete without Ron Perlman). Sounds exciting - now all we needed was Chris O'Donnell as Orko and we'd be set.

  3. I don't currently have a point 3. I think I'll just promote TWITTER or G.HO.ST or something - check them out. Enjoy your day. FRIDAY!!!

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