08 May 2009

YA WBC Weekend Ministry video is online

Back in early 2008 we created three promotional videos for our Weekend Ministry at church. Long story short, we needed a way to bring back the ministry that had hit the church by storm a few years ago, because we'd been quite quiet for a while and people had pretty much forgotten about us. We started off with a 15 second teaser, then the next week a 40 second teaser, and then this big beastie. It spurred a revolution in church with the use of video, and yet again, Weekend Ministry were the pioneers :)

For those non-Christian types out there, put your differences of opinion aside and watch the video - it's still pretty funny. We did this video in a few hours and I had to then edit it and produce it in time for church the next morning; overall I am satisfied with my brainchild :)



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