22 May 2009

SuperBru Week 14.5

Semi-finals are in; and from a SuperBru perspective, the Sharks not being in made it easier for me to pick objectively...

After the first match - Chiefs / Hurricanes - I have already managed to top Legends09 and Soeper Fortien! That's a great victory for me, because I can totally relax for the rest of the Super14, and even admire some fine rugby - and with two matches to spare!

Here's how it's panned out for me...

Basically, in this stage of the competition, a WP is worth 2, and a MP is 0.5, and a BP is still 1. That means in the semi's, you can get 1+0.5+2 = 3.5 per game = 7 for the weekend MAXIMUM. Then in the final, add one for the WP so it's 1+0.5+3 = 4.5 for the final. That's 11.5 TOTAL. Anyone more than 11.5 behind me is no threat.

One game down, and I scored spot on, so I'm now fearing a maximum turnaround of 3.5+4.5 (presuming I score 0) for the final two games - 8 points. Anyone behind me by more than 8 as of now is not a contender...

Soeper fortien: (I changed my name because I figured out I could...)

1I won I won!!88.59.8398.33
2Jonny G85.03.8388.83

Everyone else below Jonny G (and including Jonny G) cannot catch me - I'm 9.5 ahead of Jonny G. If he gets the maximum 8, I still can't be beat (notwithstanding the fact that I picked the BULLS victory as everyone else), so I've topped that log.


1I won I won!!88.53.8392.33
2Louis Koch83.02.7385.73
3Lindie Stroebel80.53.0083.50

Lindie is 8.83 behind me, so only Louis Koch has a glimmer of beating me. He's 6.6 behind me. That means he can catch me. HOWEVER -

Brattex Bulls 11
Amy Bulls 5

Marlize Bulls 5

Louis Koch Bulls 5

Louis has also opted for a Bulls win, so if they win, we both get 2WP, and he can only possibly catch up on MP and BP... he has to share his BP with two others, so that's a possible 0.5MP+0.33BP = 0.83 catch-up on me with 4.5 points available in the final = 5.33 - can't be beaten here either. And you want to know the worst part about it? Louis Koch didn't pick the Chiefs game at all! He forgot!!

The only other pool left...

Shark pool: I don't really care, so that's a pointless exercise.

Hurray! I've topped the $$$ log, and I am now R3,000+ wealthier :)
I'm hoping to break the 100 mark, so I can get a possible 7.5 points out of this - I can't do it in Legends09 :(

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oltman said...

so... how is this different from betting your money at the local betting shop? hmm? ;)