12 May 2009

Wax on, wax off... Wax in, wax out ...

Just been to the ENT to have some wax removed from my ears.

I was expecting to have drainage - warm water syringe, squirting, pain, agony, blood, discomfort. What a disappointment.

I got the full treatment - I said I have ear problems, and he pressed on for nose and throat stuff, and I ended up getting a three-for-one special :)

He used some hook device to hook out the wax. Quite a lot of it, but in his opinion, not much. It felt really great to have it removed, but in the end it was a let-down. No HALLELUJAH results. There were two or three 8mm-diameter crimson red globs on the gause and before I even got to have a look, it was chucked away. What a disappointment.

Dr. Williams did hook one bit of my ear but it was mild and no big deal.

I had an ear test - BE WARNED! THIS COSTS R110 and the sound booth is adjacent to the waiting room so you don't get a soundproof experience - and was ruled out 100% okay (thank God).

Finally, I got the cavities in my tonsils examined - nothing to be done about the snotty gunk and plaque that hooks up in there - have the tonsils removed or put up with it. Ah well.

Overall experience was R440 but I figure it was worth it :)

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